Monday, April 25, 2011

Jet Lag, yo.

It's 12:29 am and I'm laying in bed wide awake listening to Adventures in Odessey. I made the mistake of sleeping for about an hour and half tonight. So I thought...why not blog?

Today we went to the pearl market. Let's just will either absolutely hate it or absolutely love it. In my case it is the latter. Yes, arguing for 20 minutes over a pair of jeans that the lady flat out tells me she rips people off for does get a little annoying. But it's just so great. I wish people bargained in America. I got a pair of pumas for a little over 6 dollars. Granted, they're fake and will probably fall apart in a year, but it's still a good deal. And those bags that everyone has these days that are a solid color with the leather thing at the top that snaps? Yeah I got one of those for 3 and half dollars. I got my cousin Thomas a tie for a little over 2 dollars. And the list goes on.

After we went to the pearl market we went on a search for food that probably lasted 15 or 20 minutes. We went in the basement of a mall looking for a Subway but found a grocery store. But it was all good cause there was a bathroom full of squatties but had a couple toilets for handicapped people. No, we're not handicapped...yes, we used the toilets. We eventually settled for McDonald's which, to my surprise, was much like an American McDonald's. Except for the fact that some kind Americans who were there warned us that the table we chose to sit at had just been pooped on by someone's child. Chinese children wear split bottom pants so whenever they need to go, they just the street. I'm imagining that this child in particular was sitting on the table and just had to he went. But moving on...I got a chicken sandwhich that was better than they are in America, in my opinion. I got a Coke Zero which tasted not much like Coke was sort of fruity. I attempted to order a cup of ice cream in myself. I ended up with a cup of water which I politely said "xie xie" (thank you) to and went back to Danielle to get further instructions for what to say. It worked the second time.

Then we took the Subway to some friends' house to babysit their kids while the parents went on a date. This is where a 4 year old showed me how to draw Chinese characters. I can count to 10 and say "I'm sorry" "thank you" and "subway station." He impressed me. Kids these intelligent. Then after the kids went to bed I feel asleep on the couch by accident. And then fell asleep in the taxi on the way home. And now I'm regretting not forcing myself to stay awake.

Well it's time to attempt some rest. Probably unsuccessfully, though.

Oh and I apologize for the lack of pictures...I accidentally left my memory card in my computer today.

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