Thursday, April 28, 2011

Life as a Foreigner

In America there are alot of foreigners. But if you're like me, you hardly even notice them. They don't stand out anymore. I feel like America has become the universal gathering place of all races. Or maybe, more specifically, that would be Walmart. But the point is....I'm not accustomed to being shocked when seeing someone of a different race. If you feel like me...go to China. Everyone stares. Everyone. The other day I was walking down the street when someone glanced at me and kept going on with life like nothing was strange...and I was in complete shock. It was weird. This has happened maybe twice since I've been here. I'm telling you...they love foreigners. This morning we were crossing a road when a cab drove by. He passed us and then stopped in the middle of the road, stuck his head out the window and looked at us as we crossed the street. This afternoon we were at a park sitting on a bench and
a man walked by. As soon as he got past us he turned around and started walking backwards to look at us. This isn't America, people. Then later today in the same park we were walking down a mountain when 3 boys stopped us and asked us to take a picture with them...just because we're foreigners. There's nothing significant about us, or strange-looking about us (I don't think...). We're just not Chinese. They seemed thrilled.

Now I'm going to move on from the topic of being stared at and document our day today. This morning we hopped on a couple buses and headed off to the Fragrant Hills (the aforementioned park). The Fragrant Hills is a place built for emperors 900ish years ago. When they got tired of people and of being at home, they went and chilled at the Fragrant Hills. Just because they were powerful they got to have an entire mountain to themselves whenever they felt like it. Speaking of powerful people...I'll be watching the royal wedding tomorrow. Stinks for you people in America who have to get up at 5 am to watch it. It's 5 pm here...holler. Back to the was beautiful! We opted for the bus ride rather than the chair lift. It was cheaper and seemed safer for a pregnant lady. I got on and realized we'd probably made a bad
decision. It was extremely bumpy...and on the side of a mountain...with an old beat-up van that seemed like its breaks could go out any minute. But we returned alive and in one piece. Well, 3 pieces. But you get the point. We came back home (via more buses) and had leftovers and watched Father of the Bride. Terrific movie.

Random thought. I don't know if anyone reading this reads the Pioneer Woman's blog. But I do. And I'm a fan of it. You should read it. But I have one problem with it...her dog. Yeah, it's cute. But it's just a dog. Every other blog post doesn't have to have at least 20 pictures of it. I want to read about your life. Your kids. Your food. Not your canine.

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