Wednesday, April 13, 2011

What should one take on a trip like this?

The preceding question has arisen quite a few times in my mind. I am currently seeking an answer. I would like to begin by saying that my dear sister-in-law Danielle sent me a great packing list of things I'll need. As fantastic as this may be, included on the packing list was "one week's worth of clothes." She says we can wash clothes. Clearly this woman lives on the opposite side of the world and does not know me as well as she thinks she might. I am not a light packer, in the least. I pack one week's worth of clothes when going away for a few nights, not for 10 weeks. I need options. I don't like being somewhere and having one outfit to wear and no other choices. I'm indecisive...I can't decide. (Raise your hand if you just started singing Justin Bieber in your head.) So as long as suitcase space/weight allows...I'll most likely be bringing a little more than one week's worth of clothes. But I'll try to keep it to a minimum of 2 weeks. Danielle, you just learned one new fact about your sister-in-law.

Now that I'm done telling you how indecisive I am, I will move on to tell you how un-observant I am.
Who in the world notices how much hair gel they use in 2 and half months? Not me. I've decided that I'll just guess and if I run out of something, I can live without it. It's not the end of the world if I use all of my conditioner in the first week.

Yesterday I took a trip to Walmart with mom for toiletries, etc. A few of the things I ended up with are as follows:
1 bottle of hair gel - enough to keep my hair controlled.
2 bottles of lotion - enough to moisturize my terribly dry skin.
1 stick of deodorant - hopefully enough to keep the b.o. away.
1 bottle of shampoo - probably not enough to keep my hair clean.
1 travel-sized toothpaste - for travelling.
1 bottle of vitamins - more than enough because half of the time I'll forget to take them anyways.
1 journal - enough to document my entire trip.
10 pens - I lose pens extremely easily.
1 notebook - because I'm supposed to prepare for the SAT while in China. lame, I know.
6 packs of gum - This is 90 sticks of gum...a little more than one a day. I never have gum. But I'm sort of addicted because of all the gum I take from my friends.
1 box of whales - there's no way I'd make it 10 weeks without a little processed food.
1 large bag of skittles - most likely not enough to keep my sanity...or enough to get on a sugar high when I'm exhausted because I listened to a baby scream all night.
And these are just a few items that will be in my suitcase with me. I'll let you know how the clothing situation goes.


  1. You made me laugh! Happy packing! :) (Be sure to leave room for me in one of those suitcases! haha)

  2. Sis you know your sweet mother is going to be asking you about vitamins now that you said that! haha I'm so glad you have this blog and the color reminds me of our wedding and I already miss you even though you're not gone yet! I love you!