Friday, May 20, 2011

Anna Ayi

Common misconception has it that my name now has become "Aunt Anna" or "Auntie Anna."'s wrong. The problem with Aunt Anna is that if you say it fast a few times it sounds like you're a redneck saying "antenna." And Auntie Anna...well I'm just not a huge fan of the word auntie. Some may say he should just call me Anna, seeing that he's not that much younger than me anyways. Are you kidding me? I came all the way to China for this boy and to become an aunt. I can't just be called Anna. So what is my name? Anna Ayi. Ayi (pronounced like the letter I and then the letter E) is Chinese for aunt. It's a little strange but you'll get used to it. So to you out there who have assumed that my name is either Aunt Anna or Auntie's not. If it throws you off, I apologize...but the kid has got to have a little Chinese in his life if he moves back to America. And I refuse to be called Antenna.

I've gradually been writing a post about the labor and delivery and such that I'll post soon. But for now I'll leave you with a few details and a couple pictures:

Harvey Joshua Shelley
Born May 20th, 2011 at 6:42 pm
Weight: 7 pounds 3 ounces
Length: 45 centimeters (18 inches)


  1. Anna IE - You look great holding little Harvey.
    You will have many stories to tell him about going all the way to China to be there when he was born and waiting "patiently" for his arrival and "enduring" all that Coldstone icecream. Enjoy all your time loving and holding him 'cause when you get home you will have to share with a lot of people. We probably should make a chart with "time slots" for our turn. Maybe not - We are looking forward to seeing you and Josh and Danielle too. Won't be long.

  2. anna, SO happy for you. being an aunt is great! btw, since my family calls me hil, I could have been aunt hil (ant hill) haha fortunately hilary is very hard for kids to pronounce and I ended up being hee to one niece and aunt kitty to the other. :) enjoy your time with him!