Sunday, May 8, 2011

Another Problem

Quick update on our lives in the past 24ish hours:
Well yesterday Danielle and I ended up watching a little Say Yes to the Dress...which was wonderful as always. Then we made homemade pizza for dinner which was even more wonderful. And then we watched Up. Which is for the sure the most depressing kids' movie ever made, but it was still good. And then I enjoyed a nice Skype call with mom and dad. This morning we called home again and talked to Jordan, Ashley, Joe, Mom, Dad, and Thomas. We laughed alot...and I don't know about Josh and Danielle, but it made me miss how our family used to just sit around laughing. Laughing is one of my favorite things to do. Particularly with my family. So anyway. Today for lunch we went to a Thai restaurant. Josh and Danielle said it wasn't as good as Thai food they've had in the past, and I've never had Thai food but it didn't quite "ring my chimes"...(Say Yes to the Dress quote). We then decided to head over to Coldstone. It is Mother's Day, after all. Since it was raining and we would have to do a bit of walking we opted for the cab over the subway. But what we didn't know was that there was a Coldstone about 20 seconds from the Thai restaurant. When you get in a cab, no mater how far you go, you automatically have to pay about a dollar and a half. So when we had been riding down the road for 20 seconds and saw the Coldstone we told the driver to pull over and we just got out there. So we ended up paying a dollar and a half for him to drive us about 50 feet. He mentioned that it was the fastest money he's ever made.

It's been a cold and rainy day. Thankfully last night I checked the weather report and saw the forecast showed some rain so we took umbrellas. We would've been soaked. We came home and watched Cake Boss and some weird show about food. Then we had dinner and just chilled for a little while. We just called Mom on Skype to wish her a happy Mother's Day (because she is, in fact, my favorite mother in the world) and were able to talk to other family members also (because they are, in fact, my favorite family in the world). And now we're about to talk to Danielle's mom. And I would like to wish a happy Mother's Day to Danielle (because she is, in fact, my favorite preggo lady in the world). Technically, she is only the mother of a fetus. But she's still a mother, nonetheless. And I love her dearly. And am hoping that she will become the mother of a baby that is outside of the womb very soon. Very very very soon. Like...tomorrow. My patience is running out a little bit.

I would like to inform you about another problem that I am having. It happens to also be on the bottom half of my body. Some may think this problem is easier to deal with than the chafing. But it's not. Oh and chafing is doing much better. So this problem...I drag my feet. And by dragging I don't mean pick-up-a-little-less-than-most-people. I mean I drag my feet. The other day Danielle and I were walking through the mall when I noticed that I was walking without even picking up my feet at all. So I really wasn't walking...I was just sliding. I think I have tripped at least 15 times walking down the street since I got here. A few days ago we were leaving the apartment complex when someone had just gone out the gate. So naturally, I ran to the gate (we were only a few feet away) to catch the door before it closed so that Josh wouldn't have to get his key out. Little did I know....there is a tiny step at the door. It's probably about 3 or 4 inches high. You would think most people would pick their feet up at least that much. Not this kid. So as I ran, my foot hit the step. Hard. It hurt like....I don't know what. But it hurt. Alot. So the point is...I trip on everything. You wouldn't believe the things I trip on. And the reason that this problem is much worse than the chafing problem is that I have almost no cure for it. For the chafing I could put vaseline or something on my legs. But the feet problem is a bad habit. It would take so much effort to focus on every step to pick my feet up that I just don't think it's worth it. And when I pick my feet up I feel like I look extremely strange...but I'm sure I look more strange when I don't pick my feet up at all. So to add to my list of problems...I now no longer pick up my feet. Just what I need.

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  1. Thank you for your sweet comments! The part of the Shelley family that is currently in NC is missing sitting around laughing with you, too! BUT we are enjoying laughing at your blog!!! You weren't dragging your feet (i.e. "sliding") when you left the USA so maybe it's something about being in China. Tripping is common for teenagers anyway (e.g. Princess Diaries). I MISS YOU AND LOVE YOU AND KNOW THAT YOU ARE THE BEST DAUGHTER A MOTHER COULD EVER ASK FOR!!!