Saturday, May 7, 2011

The Days Move Slowly

Yesterday was a good day. But we bought alot of stuff. That is going to have to somehow fit into my suitcase. But that shouldn't be a problem seeing that I brought about a suitcase-worth's of food when I came...of which we have eaten too much. Hmm...maybe this has something to do with the chafed legs. I bought lots of gifts and am pretty much done with gift-shopping except for a few things. One of the first things we tried to buy was a rain-coat for my dear sister-in-law Ashley. Danielle thought it would be a good idea to video what it looks like to bargain. So as she bargained with the lady for the jacket, she held the video camera in her hand very inconspicuously. I didn't even realize what she was doing until another lady came up and asked her about it. So as they continued to argue and as the bargaining grew more intense, the lady grew more angry. She wanted 200 for it and I wanted to pay about 90 (RMB). She said to go to a 3-digit number and that if I wanted it for a 2-digit number then it wasn't even worth discussing. So naturally, I said 100. 3 digits, right? wrong. Apparently 100 is no longer a 3 digit number. I wasn't aware of this until yesterday. So then she discarded doing business and went on to tell us how unkind it was to video the bargaining situation. We tried to leave and she followed us to the bottom of the escalator and was quite upset. She threatened to call the police. This meant nothing to us, seeing that selling the things was illegal and all 5 floors of this building were participating in illegal selling of items. So if the police came they would be more interested in arresting all of the employees of the store than arresting us for videoing. Besides...who said it's illegal to video her? She went on to say some harsh things and finally we got away. She was not a happy camper. So Ashley, I am sorry to say that we did not get your raincoat. But we can try again.

Some day I will teach you the art of bargaining. It's a good thing to know.

But we kept heart and continued shopping. We got pedicures (for 7 and a half dollars) and Danielle got a manicure. Josh got a microphone for my computer and some things for the baby And we got lots of bags and shoes for gifts. We bought plenty of stuff. Plenty. We headed over to Subway for dinner and then on to the concert. It was very good, although it was not quite as good as the other night...but orchestras are hard to surpass, in our minds. We decided not to go to Coldstone this time since we had already spent so much money but I'm hoping we go again. I miss ice cream.

We just got back from a hair wash/massage. It wasn't as good as what you can get in Josh and Danielle's city but it was cheaper. When they're done they're supposed to dry your hair for you. So they dried Danielle's about halfway and then said she was done. So she finished it up herself. Then she told them to dry mine straight because Chinese people like to try to dry it curly which ends up looking like a monster. So she told them very clearly that it should be straight. Let's just didn't exactly turn out how I pictured it. But Josh's haircut turned out looking good, so that's the important thing. The lady only pulled out like half of my hair so it's all good...

Today we're planning on....well..we don't really have a plan. We never really have a plan. Our only plan for our time in Beijing is for Josh and Danielle to become parents and for me to become an aunt. hasn't happened yet. Unfortunately. So other than that we don't have a whole lot to do. So tonight we're going to eat pizza and maybe play the Wii. But that's about all we have in mind. If you've ever been to Beijing and know of exciting things to do (besides go to the Great Wall and the Forbidden City...Josh and Danielle have been there enough, bless their little hearts) let me know. We could use any and all ideas.

I would also like to report that my chafing is doing a little better. We walked a little bit today and it didn't bother me at all. Maybe I'm getting in shape?? Nah. Probably not.

I was also told by my brother and sister-in-law that I should have said more about our foot massage. So here...I'm saying more about our foot massage. At one point during this fairly delightful 60 minutes they took these small, glass bowl-ish things, sprayed alcohol on them, lit a lighter near them, and then stuck them to my foot. It's supposed to create suction (which it did very well..maybe too well)...which is supposed to get your organs flowing or something. I'm not sure it did that. But I am sure that I sat there shaking my feet and laughing because it hurt and tickled. At the same time. It was for sure one of the strangest things that anyone has ever done to me. And I don't think I'll be letting anyone do that to me again.

The days are dragging on. and on. and on. and on. We need this baby to come. asap. We're going to go absolutely crazy if it doesn't come sometime soon. We tell him every day to come. And we tell him how great it is. I don't think he realizes what he's missing out on. Danielle tells him the sooner he comes out, the sooner he has a birthday, and the sooner he can have a cupcake shoved into his mouth.


  1. The days move slowly here, too, without you!!!

  2. Ahaha I love Danielle's theory of the reasons he should go ahead and come early!:)