Wednesday, May 18, 2011


Well here I am again. Blogging even though I don't have very much to say. But good news....we didn't watch any Cake Boss today. So that's an improvement.

But we did attempt to go to something called Cookin' Nanta. It's something that has to do with cooking to a beat...and chopping food to a rhythm. Or something like that. I don't know. It sounded cool. You can watch a video of it here. But they were sold out of the reasonably priced tickets so guess where we headed as our alternative. Yep. Cold Stone. This baby needs to come soon before we gain a very unhealthy amount of weight from eating ice cream.

You may remember that we went to the NCPA for a concert the other night. And you may also remember that Chinese people enjoy taking pictures with their tickets. And you may also remember that I planned to do the same when I got my ticket. And you may also remember that the tickets were sold out. And you may also remember that we took a picture without our tickets. So when we actually got tickets last night, we took pictures. I also found out that Chinese people don't smile in pictures. So here we are, with our tickets, not smiling. We're so Chinese.

And here we are, smiling like Americans, with our tickets.

No news to report on the baby. Except that my sister-in-law (the non-pregnant one) wrote a blog post to our soon-coming nephew that you should read here. And if you are reading this and you may in the future become a part of the Shelley family by way of marriage or some other means (I'm not sure what "other means" there are except birth...and if you haven't been birthed yet you most likely won't be reading this) you should definitely read this.

Now bear with me as I change topics once again. I would like to tell you about something called ganji. To my understanding, this happens on the 23rd and 28th of every month. It is where people come from villages and everyone sells their stuff at the market. This may be completely incorrect. But let's just pretend I know what I'm talking about. So this particular market in Josh and Danielle's city has this contest type of thing. This is how it works. If you can write the numbers 1-600 without making any mistakes or any incorrect marks, you win a giant teddy bear. And when I say giant I mean human-sized. If you mess up you have to buy a 5(ish) dollar bottle of shampoo. So for my birthday I have requested that we go to the market and that I try to accomplish this difficult task. It is, in fact, my 16th birthday. So it's supposed to be pretty special. What better way to celebrate your 16th birthday than by winning a giant teddy bear?

If you think about it....600 is alot of numbers to write. I figure I can write about a number per second (I can't rush through's intense). So that would make my goal time approximately 10 minutes, right? I feel confident. But it's not about speed. It's about accuracy. Slow and steady wins the race. I need to start practicing soon in my spare time (of which I have plenty). I hear that when Chinese people write a few of their numbers differently than we Americans do. And Danielle said when she writes a 6, sometimes people think it is a 4. Ridiculous, I know. So I'll have to work on that so I can write my numbers like Chinese people.

I tried to find a picture on the internet of what this teddy bear might look like but I couldn't find one. But just imagine a cute little teddy bear...with the size multiplied about 30 times. And there you have it...a ganji teddy bear. Now, you may be wondering what I'm going to do with this teddy bear if my number-writing skills have victory in this challenge. And I'm wondering the same thing. My preferred option would be to take it back to America with me. After all, not everyone has a life-size teddy bear. But this might not be pragmatic (SAT word), particularly if I wanted to take it on the plane. And there's no way in this universe that thing would fit in my suitcase. Dad came up with a smart plan to take the stuffing out of him, bring the outside of him home, and then re-stuff him once in America. If worst comes to worst...I just might have to do that. I can't come all the way to China, win a fantastic prize like this, and just leave it here to be eventually thrown away. If you happen to have ever won a life-size teddy bear and taken it on an airplane flight, let me know how you did it. I could use some advice.

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  1. you could buy your ganji bear a ticket :D

    -Hannah E.