Monday, May 9, 2011

A hunchback and catching up on pictures

Today our helper who comes and cooks and cleans 3 days a week was coming at 9 o'clock. So when I woke up at 8:15 I was excited to see that I hadn't slept long past when she had come. So I went to sleep, woke up at 8:45, thought Yes! I can sleep a little more! The next time I woke up I thought I bet it's 9. And it was 9:01. Perfect. I don't have to be up when she's here, but a few times when she has come at 8 I haven't woken up till about 10. And as Danielle has said multiple times already, she probably just thinks we're lazy bums. Since Josh and Danielle are here on, what a friend has nicely called, "baby vacation" they don't have much responsibility or routine. They aren't used to this and I'm not used to not having any school or anything to do. Which means alot of the time we just sit around on the computer or reading. So she probably wonders why in the world we can't get off the couch and clean and cook for ourselves. So today we once again sat around all morning not doing too much. Josh was the most productive of us all...he worked today. We ate a delicious Chinese lunch made by the aformentioned helper and then Danielle and I went on a little excursion. Well..."excursion" might not be the right word to use, making it sound a little too exciting than it actually was. But we went to a mall two subway stops away from us with a Walmart-like place called Jalifu. Well...that's the phonetic way to write it. I have no idea how it is actually spelled. So the reason we went to the Jalifu was to buy another puzzle or a game or something to keep us occupied for at least another few days. The only puzzles they had would just about be fit for the baby as soon as Danielle births him (which we're praying is soon). So we looked at the board games. They had Life, 3 versions of Monopoly, a Jenga-like game, and a few other games that looked kind of strange. So we went for the Jenga-like game. It only cost 5 dollars so if it's terrible we didn't waste too much money. I thought Monopoly would be perfect since it takes forever to play and would keep us entertained for hours, but it was a little expensive. As a side-note, we bought some spinach leaves for 9 mao. 10 mao is 1 kuai. 6.5 kuai is 1 dollar. You do the math. It's cheap. After the Jalifu we stopped at the Dairy Queen. There are these handy little coupon machines all over the place where you can find coupons for restaurants, stores, etc. So we stopped at one and it had some Dairy Queen coupons so we printed those out and got 1 kuai off of our ice cream.

When we walked out of Jalifu and were headed for the subway station Danielle noticed a girl eating Coldstone ice cream. So she asked her where she got it and she said in the mall that was pretty much across the street from Jalifu. (We would have been tempted to go if we hadn't just eaten Dairy Queen.) So in other words...there is a Coldstone 2 subway stops away from our house when we thought we had to go about 16 stops to get to one! We were so excited to find this!! We came up with a perfect plan. If we're on our way somewhere or on our way back from somewhere and we're on the subway we will get off at the stop that goes to the Coldstone...two of us will wait underground in the subway station and the other will go get ice cream for all of us...they will bring it back and we'll get back on the subway, happily eating our ice cream. When you leave the subway station you have to give up your ticket which means that for all of us to get off, go get ice cream, and come back it would cost an extra 6 kuai (almost a dollar); whereas if only one person went it would only cost 2 kuai! Coldstone ice cream costs more here than in America so we don't need to be adding any extra costs to a trip to Coldstone! So I'm thinking that if we're going to the hospital when Danielle is in labor and for some strange reason we decide to take the subway, we should definitely stop for an ice cream run before she has the baby! Or maybe if I get bored at the hospital after he is born they would be kind enough to let me go get it by myself. I could do it. For sure.

Then we got back on the subway for two stops headed for the grocery store - the BHG. Which is also another Walmart-like place. This was an interesting trip because when we entered the store Danielle noticed that there were no shopping carts. With the exception of a few miniature ones which are for kids to push around. We have decided that this would pretty much violate every child labor law in America. Children push around their parents' groceries for them. So when I noticed these carts I just had to use one.

(Notice my matching backpack, shorts, and shoes. I didn't plan it I promise. I really don't even like pink very much.)

And shout-out to Joseph Shelley for letting me borrow the tshirt!

So while we walked around the store I pushed the cart like a hunchback. And I got some really weird looks from people. When we got to the cash register the lady told us we couldn't push the kids' cart. Danielle asked why and she said it was because it's too small for us. Well it worked fine for us and we fit our groceries in it perfectly.

I'll definitely be remembering these carts when we go back.

Here are some pictures of the foot massage with the fiery, glass bowls that I mentioned in an earlier post. Something is messed up with my computer and I can't put pictures on my blog using my computer. Thus, the lack of pictures on blog posts.

And here is a picture of how I felt while the fiery, glass bowl process was going on. It wasn't pleasant in the least.

Also, here are some pictures that should've been put on previous blog posts but couldn't, due to the computer problem.

A picture of me in a beng beng:

A picture of Danielle and I on our way to Danielle's checkup at the doctor:

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