Sunday, May 15, 2011

ice ice baby

After writing this post I realized that it was too random and I didn't feel like coming up with something to transition between each paragraph. So this is going to be an attempt at another list. And a fail at another list.

1. Yesterday we went to the local IF and then had a nice picnic on a park bench. But we came up with a game to play besides Mexican Train Dominoes. We played nerts...which is basically Dutch Blitz except with regular playing cards. And my eyes definitely don't move fast enough for that game. And then guess what we watched. Cake Boss. Thank the Lord for free monthly subscriptions to Netflix! If you don't know about this then you should definitely go to the Netflix website and sign up. Danielle and I are dying to watch Father of the Bride 2. We watched the first one on Netflix and now we want to watch the second one, seeing that it has more to do with our current lives. But of course they don't have it for instant play. We've looked on iTunes, Amazon, in movie stores, etc. If you live in Beijing and you know of any place we could get it....let us know. We're desperate.

2. Tonight we're planning on heading over to the Blue Frog again for buy one get one free hamburgers. And that's the extent of the excitement for today. Maybe the little guy just chillin in Danielle's belly will decide to make an appearance. As much as I love hamburgers, that would be more exciting than the Blue Frog. For sure.

3. Well this is about the lamest blog post I've written. If the baby comes, maybe they'll start to get exciting again.

4. For some reason my camera stopped working on Josh and Danielle's computer, not just mine. So there probably won't be many pictures in the posts to come. But I have figured out that if I put pictures on Facebook and then save the pictures from there, I can put them here. Which is ridiculous. So here's a few that should've been included in past posts.

Chinese people love to take pictures in front of the concert building with their ticket. So I was going to take one with my ticket. But since we didn't get tickets, we took one without our tickets.

The dog that got on the elevator with us.

the Egg

5. Today I made a flower out of toilet paper. It'd be safe to go ahead and say I'm an artist.

6. Chinese people do not put ice in their drinks. At least I've never seen them do so. This means that since I have been here I have had ice in my drink only once (at the Blue Frog...a foreign restaurant) and besides that night I have only seen one piece of ice since I've been in China. I'm getting used to drinking lukewarm water.

7. If you're wondering what the deal with the spoon is...I don't really know. The name of the background was called "spoonful of sugar." But other than that...I just thought it looked cool. And I like Mary Poppins.

8. This blog post is getting lamer by the second.

9. I'm going to go ahead and end this blog post before it gets any worse (see number 8).

peace out.

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