Thursday, May 5, 2011

Just for you, the Murph.

I would like to begin by apologizing for the picture problem. Something is messing up with my computer because it is old and ridiculous. I'll try to fix that. But for now...we'll probably have to stick with just words and no pictures. Which I really hate because I never liked blogs that didn't have pictures. I only read blogs that have pictures. If you have a blog and you don't put pictures on it, I suggest it. They're really great. Unfortunately, I have some great pictures that I can't put up here. Which disappoints me because I'm planning on making a blog book of my trip to China...and this means it probably won't have many pictures. Bummer. But no worries. There's lots of pictures on facebook. And if you aren't friends with me on facebook you're probably a creeper and don't know who I am and have no need to see my pictures anyways.

Now on to life in China....

What I thought was going to be an opera/play turned out extremely great. It wasn't an opera and it wasn't a play, but nonetheless it was fantastic. A college chamber orchestra played a few pieces and then the dancers came out and danced the orchestra's music. It was really great. And thankfully there were no words, so I didn't have to worry about it being in Chinese. We almost didn't go, but we're so glad we went! And tomorrow night we're going back to see some man play the piano. I know...we're so cultural.

Then we went to Coldstone and ate ice cream. Delicous. Cake Batter ice cream in a waffle just doesn't get much better. And it tasted just like America.

Today Danielle and I ventured out again to find a few things, one of which was powdered sugar. We forgot to look the first time. After looking in lots of different stores and places for it, we were unsuccessful. But we came home and found some here at the house. So all of our searching was in vain and very unnecessary. But while we were out we found some large paper to write our SAT words on so that we could hang them on the wall to be reminded of them. I'm still winning.

We came home and ate a breakfast dinner, watched youtube videos (a favorite hobby of the Shelley family), and got a foot massage. I was a little worried about the foot massage. You have to understand that I'm very ticklish. Very. Like...beyond all reason. So I laughed and jerked my feet around most of the time while 3 Chinese girls sat and laughed at me. But it still was really good and relaxing. We're hoping it will send Danielle into labor. We'll see.

Also, I would like to mention my friend's birthday. Her name is The Murph. She was upset that I didn't mention her in a previous blog post on her birthday, which was yesterday. So here I am, making up for it. The Murph, I hope you're reading this. And I hope you appreciate it alot. I love you. And happy belated birthday.

I would also like to mention that my mother recently watched a documentary about LeBron James. By herself. Is that normal? I miss my crazy mom. Mom...I realize you're going to comment saying something like "I miss you tooo!!!! And I love you so much!!" But you'd do that anyway. Just don't say anything too embarrassing please.


  1. Oh! I do love you so much! And I'm so glad you miss me BUT I'm not "crazy"! (Am I???) I miss you tons and tons! Foot massages and breakfast dinners are also Shelley favorites! Daddy gets to do my foot massages instead of 3 giggling Chinese girls. (He usually doesn't giggle much while doing it, though. Bummer.) I love the Murph too and I'm sure she is happy now that she is famous in the blog world! Good job! I love you!!! :)
    (Hope none of that was too embarrassing.)

  2. I AM "crazy" about you! :)