Tuesday, May 17, 2011


I have this issue. Where I blog pretty much every day. I realize that the best bloggers blog alot and probably every day, but they have exciting things to say. I, on the other hand, just blog because I'm bored and because the little ladies from church like to read it. This creates a blog that becomes mundane and monotonous. How many times do you want to read about our obsession with the Cake Boss? Probably zero. And if you're reading this then you've probably persevered through the other 6353951035 times I mentioned it. So I've decided that I should slow down. And just blog when something blog-worthy happens. If nothing exciting happens within a few days of the last blog post, then I'll just have to tell you all about the Cake Boss...for the 6353951036th time.

Today I had a conversation with someone. Besides Josh or Danielle. Like...a real conversation. Face-to-face. This is the first time this has happened in the past 3 and a half-ish weeks. I was thrilled. Her name is Jane. She is Chinese and sat beside me in the subway. She doesn't agree with me that Chinese people are more kind than Americans. She wanted to know if I had ever seen Obama. She was surprised that I like to play soccer. She wants to go to Harvard and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. And she wished me a wonderful life. I made a friend. for 15 minutes that I'll probably never see again, but I was still happy. And I think she was too.

No news on the baby. Danielle has been feeling a little bit of pain sometimes but nothing near labor pains. I'm just convinced that she's so tough that she doesn't realize they're real contractions...and one day he's just gonna come right out and she'll barely notice. High hopes. But I'll be honest. Today Danielle noticed I had changed clothes and said "you changed!"...I thought she said "you came!" I was trying to figure out what she was talking about and I actually thought for a second, no joke, that she had given birth...right there in the kitchen. I heard no screaming, no cries of labor pains, no sounds that I had imagined would come from a mother giving birth. All I heard was "you came!" and I assumed he'd been born. I'm desperate.

Tonight we went, again, to the National Centre for the Performing Arts. This time Josh went early to make sure we'd actually get tickets. We went to see a man play an organ with 12 people playing cellos. While they were extremely good, the didn't quite live up to the German Brass or the orchestra. But not much can. It reminded me how much I miss playing the piano. I can't wait to get to Josh and Danielle's house where I can play any time I want! (Little Shelley may just have to learn to sleep with noise.)


  1. i enjoy your blogging...does this mean i am a little lady from church??? :)

  2. Cracked me up! And YOU ARE NOT OVERBLOGGING!!! KEEP 'EM COMING!!!

  3. Anna, you're hilarious. Period. I like your blogs. Speaking of cupcakes, I just spent yesterday making some beautiful gourmet cupcakes. So I'll post pictures on my blog. And you can look at them and admire the beauty. And it will be like watching cake boss for the 6353951037th time. Only better.