Friday, May 27, 2011

people these days...

Ignore the sideways pictures. Just tilt your head a little.

You may remember from a previous post that we foreigners get stared at alot around here. Well...let me just tell you..I had no idea. I thought people stared at us then. Now that we have a week-old baby with us, we really get stared at. And you also may remember from last post that babies this young don't go out in's just not right. So the fact that we're foreigners added with the fact that we have an adorable baby added with the fact that the adorable baby is a week old ends up coming out to mean lots of staring. And shocked people. So today while we were on the subway the people around us discussed how you shouldn't take a baby out that small in public. One girl said you shouldn't till they're 1 month, an old man said 2 months, and a lady said 3 months. And everyone thought he needed more clothes...there was, after all, air conditioning. Does he really need anything more than a onesie? It's like 85 degrees outside. But the old man insisted that we put a hat on we did. He also suggested putting a blanket on him but Josh assured him that we Americans are warm.

Another thing about China you should know....they're not into the whole pink for girls and blue for boys thing. Which makes it very difficult in determining the gender of babies here. So if a Chinese person was to mistake Harvey for a girl, it wouldn't be that surprising...all newborns look the same and if the blue outfit he's wearing means nothing to them, it would be easy to think he was a girl. But a couple days ago a lady..and American lady..asked Danielle how old her daughter was. Seriously? His outfit has basketballs and footballs on it and he's wrapped in a blue blanket. It just doesn't get more obvious. People these days.

Today we're beginning the awful task of packing. We're hoping to leave Monday but we're not sure if it'll work or not. We've made ourselves at home in this apartment so our stuff is all over the place. Packing it all back up is going to be quite the chore. But we can do's not like we have anything else to do. But good news....tonight Jarred and Shelley, some friends of Josh and Danielle, are coming to stay with us. They won't even be here for 24 hours but I'm a little ecstatic to have English-speaking people in our house. Since we're on the topic of English-speaking people I'll go ahead and tell you about this family that came to visit us a few days ago. They are the van den Bergs and they're from the Netherlands. They have cool accents and they're so much fun to be around. Oh and they have 14 kids. Yeah. 14. 12 of them are biological. With no twins or triplets etc. So they happened to be in Beijing the same time as us and they made the long and very difficult trek to spend about 30 minutes with us. They brought along 6 of their kids (one kid was in another city in China and the rest have moved back to the Netherlands). The youngest 2 are adopted and they both have hydrocephalus. They're so precious. You can read more about their amazing family on Josh and Danielle's blog. I just loved having them here and being able to actually have a conversation with them!

But despite having to pack and such, it's still a day to celebrate. Why? Because it happens to be Rachel Langston's 16th birthday. Rachel Langston is a very interesting person. She eats more than most people I know...she's more disciplined than most people I know...she's obsessed with the Andrews more than most people I know...she's more of a g than most people I know...she's prettier than most people I know...and she's more hysterical than most people I know. Yes, she still listens to the Jonas Brothers sometimes..and yes, she sometimes spends way too long watching youtube videos of Justin Bieber. But I can't blame do I.

She's my bff.

And I love her.

Love ya bruh.

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