Friday, May 13, 2011

She's having a man.

For some reason blogger messed up and my last post disappeared. They say they're putting the missing posts back up so hopefully it will be returned to it's rightful place soon.

What did we do most of yesterday? You guessed it. Just chilled at home. But last night we went over to "the Egg" again to try to get some tickets for an orchestra from someone who was desperate to sell them to us for a cheap price. But we weren't as fortunate as we were the other night and we didn't get any tickets. So what was our alternative? Cold Stone. Not a bad alternative. So we headed off to Cold Stone (for the third time) where Danielle got her usual Mint with chocolate chips, I got my usual Cake Batter in a waffle cone, and Josh decided to go for Minty Minty Chocolatey Chocolatey Chip. The thing about Cold Stone that I don't understand is why in the world they have to name their sizes Like It, Love It, and Gotta Have It. Can't they just go with the typical Small, Medium, Large? But nonetheless, they have the best ice cream in China.

If I was a good blogger I would include pictures of the things I'm talking about. But I'm laying in a hammock feeling the breeze from the window. There's no way I'm getting up to go get my camera. Unless I get it while I'm up getting food. Because food is worth getting up for.

This morning I slept in and we talked to Mom and Dad and then we went to the pool for Danielle to get in some exercise. Now you have to know that we haven't had hot water for 2 days and we're really not sure when we'll have it back. So yesterday Danielle and I took baths with some pots of boiling water dumped into them and Josh took a cold shower. But at the swimming pool they had hot water. So we took advantage of the free showers. Little did I know that Chinese people have no other words, they just had a shower room. So I stood there with Danielle in a room of naked Chinese women taking a shower. It was...quite an experience. If you've ever been to Sunshine Camp it's sort of like that...except not nearly as bad. The only thing about it that is worse is that you have to not only see the awful sight, you have to participate in the shower taking; whereas at Sunshine Camp you only have to observe.

Today we'll probably keep chillin, once again. And probably watch a few episodes of the Cake Boss and play a game of Mexican Train Dominoes.

On another note, whenever we're out and about Chinese people like to ask about Danielle's baby. They usually ask how many months pregnant she is and if she's having a boy (they always think it's a boy because she's more rounded in the front, rather than sides, which supposedly indicates that it is a boy). But this one lady the other day asked if she was having a man... They just laughed and said "Yes, she's having a boy."

Come on out, baby. We're waiting with arms wide open.

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