Thursday, May 26, 2011

"Take me and my homegirl back to my crib."

Today I bought eggs in a bag for the first time. As if eggs weren't fragile enough in a carton, why don't you just go ahead and throw them in a plastic bag.

Today Josh and I went on an adventure to get some tickets for our flight to the Spring City. He and Danielle informed me that our experience today was very China-like. First we got on the subway and rode 2 stops to Haidianhuangjuang. Or something like that. Then we went to a travel agency and bought tickets for us all. We thought Harvey could fly when he was a week old but then Josh found out that he has to be 2 weeks old. So when we went we were hoping they wouldn't ask how old he was. But they did. But the girl said it would be fine so we purchased the tickets and went on our way. And stopped for some hand-dipped ice cream in waffle cones on the street (which were surprisingly good for China ice cream). Then we rode the 2 stops back to the station near our apartment and went into the grocery store. Josh got a phone call and it was the girl from the travel agency...she had called some places and they said Harvey couldn't fly. So we got back on the subway, rode the 2 stops again, went back to the place, and returned our tickets. We then got back on the subway and rode 10ish more stops to another travel agency. They asked how old he was, and Josh told them. But apparently the age problem isn't anything they deal with and if he is too young we'll have to deal with it at the airport. Which means that on Monday morning we'll be leaving here at about 6 am, with everything packed up and the apartment left like it was when they got here. Which is bad news if they don't let us on. Because that means after all of the packing up, throwing away of food, and cleaning we'll have to come back and pack up again about 4 days later. So we're praying they don't notice how little he is. You see...Chinese people have different opinions on having a baby than we do. Such as...after you give birth you can't take a shower for 40 days. Yes, 40 days. And your baby can't go out in public for a long time. So my logic is that they would think it's insane to take a baby out when it's only 10 days the thought won't even enter their heads that he isn't old enough to fly. After all, they probably haven't seen many 10 day old babies in their lives, because of the aforementioned insane birth opinions. Anyways....after that we got a cab and rode it back to the grocery store, got our groceries, and came home. It took about 4 hours to do what we expected to take about 1 hour. Welcome to China.

Today we introduced Harvey to the wonderful voice of his Uncle Joe, via Psalm 100 concert of our favorite things to listen to. And it makes it even better that one of the songs is a Justin Bieber song...we're raising this kid right. And we're preparing him for this summer when he will hear his Uncle Joe's voice alot! And boy, is it a pleasant voice to hear!

Most of the current Psalm 100 members (see back left corner for my personal favorite)

Today is my mom's birthday. I could go all into how great she is and all she's done for me and go on and on about her. But I won't. Because the list would be too long. And that's just not the type of person I am. But, nonetheless, she is a great mom and I'm so much more than thankful for her! She's been so great and is such a good example to me. And I'm just going to go ahead and stop before I get too far into it. But you get my drift. She's cool...and I like her alot. You may remember some quotes of hers from my Facebook statuses. They should be enough for you to realize how hysterical she is. But, sadly, she has banned me from putting things she says on Facebook.

I love you Mom! Happy birthday!!

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