Tuesday, May 24, 2011

there's probably nothing in this post you care about.

Well, we're home from the hospital and in my opinion we're so glad. Now Josh and Danielle might would have a different opinion on this...they got a very small amount of asleep last night because Harvey decided he wanted to party the whole night. And then when we all got up and started the day, the party was over. So while he wanted to be up in the night, they also had to be up. And while he has slept during the day, they have also had to be up. Even though this is quite inconvenient for them and I'm imagining this whole "awake 24-7" thing could get a little old, if he keeps it up he'll be perfect when we go back to America, since the time difference is 12 hours. I'm sure they're missing the hospital...particularly for the nursery that Harvey slept in for 4-5 hours straight during the night. And the whole press-a-button-and-a-nurse-will-be-here-in-less-than-10-seconds idea was extremely convenient. But while these things are great, the main reason I miss the hospital is take-out. Before I came to China a few years ago I had never had food delivered to me in my life...and I haven't since. Well, not until we went to the hospital. And I had at least 6 delivered meals while I was there. Not including the hospital food that was delivered...from upstairs, but hey, it's still delivered. And for hospital food it was surprisingly good. Since I've been home I've eaten one meal. A bowl of off-brand apple jacks. We came home at about 8 last night and it's now 5:25 pm...we've been here almost 24 hours and the only meal I've eaten is apple jacks. I miss the hospital. Some kind friends brought us supper, though, so hopefully we'll be digging into that soon.

I really don't eat that much. Well...not if you're comparing me to Rachel Langston. And that's who I usually compare my eating habits to. It makes me feel a little better about myself. But even though I don't eat much, I eat often. In other words, I eat alot of junk food in between meals. Lately Mom has gone on this "let's all be healthy" shenanigan. Which is great....for the internal part of my body. But not for my taste buds. I'm a chips-crackers-ice cream-microwavable meal-pizza kind of person. Not a celery-cauliflower-beets-organic-greens kind of person. But I'm very thankful for my mother and that she's doing her best to assist my insides. And I was alright with that when I was home and I learned to deal with the fact that there wouldn't always be doritos in our kitchen cabinet. But for some reason when I came to China we felt the need to stock me up on snacks and junk. So here I am in China, with a desire to be healthy, and with goldfish staring at me. What am I supposed to do? Leave them to rot away? Of course not. I have to eat them. You may remember my first post with a list of reasons of why I was excited to come to China. (I realize that only Mom and Granma will remember this. And I'm ok with that.) On that list was something along the lines of "getting healthy." I knew Josh and Danielle were on the organic train, along with lots of other sensible Americans, so I thought that this would mean I would be forced onto this train. Somehow I didn't think about all the food that I'd bring with me. Hopefully most of the junk will be gone once it's time to go to Josh and Danielle's city (which is in 6 days) and I can begin being a little healthier (don't count on it, Mom). I'll tell myself to save it so that I have some good food for the plane ride home, since I refuse to eat most plane food. Except when they break out the Haagen-Dazs ice cream.

So now that you know useless information about my eating habits, I'm sure you want to hear something about Harvey. I'm sure you wanted to hear something about Harvey long before you wanted to hear about my eating habits. He is, after all, the whole purpose of this blog. Wow. I just realized all of this time I spend writing blogs and loading pictures is for someone who is 4 days old, can't talk, and wakes me up with his loud screaming. What am I thinking?

Well there's not much to say about him. He does the same thing over and over. His daily routine: eat, sleep, cry, eat, sleep, cry, poop, eat, sleep, poop, cry. So there's not much to report. He's turning yellow. Because of...bilirubin...or some medical term that's way over my head. Speaking of over my head, everything that's happened while I've been here has been over my head. From the medical terms to the Chinese language...I just don't understand a whole lot that goes on around me.

I'm not exactly sure what else to say. I baked chocolate chip cookies today. And did some laundry. And held a baby. It's amazing how little you think about yourself when you're busy thinking about others. Serving is a great thing, it really is.

In the past few days I've seen more blood, needles, hospital gowns, latex gloves, and...well..you can imagine what else.

I better run. Those chocolate chip cookies are calling my name...

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  1. I remember the list!!! There's that DOUBT again, Anna. Now you're doubting your blog readers.

    Do you not remember the goldfish song? "I could eat them every day, and my mom says that's okay." I don't know if your mom would be included in that category of moms, but goldfish are awesome.