Sunday, May 1, 2011

a thousand

Today when we were just sitting around at home (which is happening alot since we don't have much to do till the baby comes) when we decided we wanted to play a game or something. So I looked in the cabinet and found Candy Land, Chutes and Ladders, and alphabet flash cards. Keep in mind that we're staying in the house of a family with a little girl. But among these games was a puzzle. A thousand piece puzzle. So Josh said "Oh let's do that! That'll keep us busy for a while!" Hah. A while. Little did we know that packed among these children's games was an extremely difficult puzzle. This is no ordinary puzzle. This puzzle is not in your typical rectangular shape. It's in the shape of pandas. So here we are, sitting at the table, realizing that not only is this puzzle 1000 pieces, it is panda-shaped. But we trudged on. So far we have almost the whole edge done, except for a few pieces. Seeing that we have looked through the box of pieces 3 or 4 times for edge pieces and still have not found them, we have extrapolated (extrapolated=another SAT word=another point for Anna) that the pieces are missing. So we have decided to move on with the puzzle and work on the inside. Putting together a puzzle is addicting. I don't know about Josh and Danielle, but I'm most addicted to it not because I enjoy it, but because I hate it. It makes me so mad when I can't find a piece...I just want to find that piece so bad that I keep looking and looking until I've finally found it. This becomes a problem when the piece you're looking for is sitting in the box with the non-edge pieces, which is not at all where it belongs.

We have the puzzle set up on one half of the dinner table so there's still room to eat on the other side. This is a slight problem. Remember the aforementioned addiction?
While we eat dinner we reach over and try to find pieces to fit other pieces. We never stop. I'm sure as soon as we get up we'll continue. At this rate we should be done by tomorrow night. Don't worry....we'll go buy another puzzle. They pass the time extremely well.

Today I submitted a picture to If you have not visited this website, you must. If you need a laugh, it can help you out. I'm not sure if the photo I submitted will make it to the website, but I hope so. But just in case it doesn't, I thought it would be a shame to leave it out of the blogging world. So I just had to put it on here. They say a picture speaks a thousand words. One of the words that this picture says is for sure "awkward." It runs in the Shelley family. As beautiful as that lamppost is, I feel like it shouldn't be the focus of the picture. Not to mention Bethany's lovely dress that is being blown by the wind in such an unfortunate way.
Note: Bethany is not wearing a romper. It is a dress, I promise.

Psalm 84:10
"Better is one day in Your courts than a thousand elsewhere..."


  1. Hilarious. Bethany just might kill you. Not sure you should get full credit for your usage of "extrapolate" in this post. Maybe 1/2 credit. :)

  2. Well, Dad has overridden my 1/2 credit judgement for your use of "extrapolate" and awarded full credit. Good job using your SAT words!

  3. This is a really cute blog!...keep up the good work!(:

  4. I can totally relate to being addicted to a puzzle not because it is fun but because it makes me so mad when I can't find a piece I'm looking for. One piece turns into another and another...