Monday, May 2, 2011

Typical Day

Today was good. And it wasn't too boring at all. I got up at 8:40 which a couple weeks ago I would've considered early. I now consider it late. I freaked out a little bit when I realized the time. I knew I had missed breakfast. So I had to eat breakfast by myself while Josh and Danielle sat 10 feet away talking on skype. I wasn't really by myself...but, ya know. We then just hung around the house until Danielle decided she wanted to go swim to get a little exercise. Josh went to the pool to ask a few questions and returned with the announcement that it would cost a little less than 10 dollars to swim....once. So Danielle just swam while Josh and I sat by the pool and read and got sprayed with water by little kids. But all is was an accident. We came home, worked on the puzzle, and took showers. Then we headed out to the Blue Frog. A burger restaurant. It was in this place that was sort of like an outdoor mall. For some reason this place attracts foreigners. There were tons. When we got of the subway I saw about 10 within 30 seconds. They were everywhere. It was nice to hear people speaking english again. I felt like I was in America. And our food was delicious. There was only a minor problem. I ordered my burger medium but it was looking a little pink. We asked the guy who worked there who told us it was a little less than medium but assured us it was safe to eat. We'll see. If I get sick I'm blaming it on him.

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