Tuesday, May 10, 2011

A visit to the Summer Palace

I fixed dinner tonight. By myself.

Ok, so we had leftovers. But I thought I'd make mom proud.

Today we decided to try out the Summer Palace and see how we liked it. We expected it to be much like the Fragrant Hills, but it was so much better than that. I got in for a little over 2 dollars (which is half the usual price) because I'm a student. Then we walked around and read a few signs, finding out that it, like the Fragrant Hills, was burnt down by cruel people (in the Summer Palace's case it was the Anglo-French; in the Fragrant Hill's case it was the British) in 1860. It was then rebuilt and named the Summer Palace. We moved on and found the lake. And also found about 47 people trying to sell the exact same brand and flavor of popsicles. You would think they could come up with something else to sell, since they had competition with 46 other popsicle-salesmen. We were expecting a nice peaceful and calm lake with grassy areas all around on which we could have a picnic. But instead there were hundreds of people around it (there was an estimated 27,000 people there today total) and it was surrounded by stone, not grass. So we hopped on a paddle boat, paddled out to the middle, and had a picnic on the boat. Even though there were paddle boats surrounding us, it was still calm and beautiful. We spent two hours on the boat and it was delightful. If the baby doesn't come soon, I wouldn't be surprised if we go again. If you want to see pictures of our trip to the Summer Palace, click here.

Update on the Jenga-like game that we bought yesterday:
We played it last night but just decided to play it like Jenga. Josh read the rules and they were ridiculous so we just stuck with the usual. It was ok. But nowhere near as good as Mexican Train Dominoes...

Mexican Train Dominoes. Those Mexicans sure know how to make their games. I strongly suggest getting this game if, like us, you get bored out of your mind easily. We played last night and again tonight. Of course, I dominated the game tonight..

In addition to these games, we've been playing another game. Called Buffalo. Well...I don't know if that's what it's called. But we usually play it at conference for the week and I think that's what we called it. So the game is that you cannot drink with your dominant hand...and if you do drink with your dominant hand and someone catches you, they say "buffalo" and you have to chug the whole drink. We're playing until Danielle goes into labor. We haven't been too focused on the game so I'm pretty sure we mostly still drink out of our dominant hand without noticing. So far I've had to chug a small portion of Gatorade and Josh has had to chug a half of a bottle of water. I've come up with a strategy. I won't call it on anyone for a couple of days and we'll all forget about it. And then one day Josh or Danielle will have a large cup of some sort of beverage (preferably something like coffee) and I'll catch them drinking with the wrong hand and they'll have to chug the whole thing. Just a thought.

Chafing? Almost gone. Hallelujah.

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  1. Yes, I'm extremely proud of you for heating up leftovers! That's a start!!! I would skip making Danielle chug anything at this point. If she went into labor shortly afterwards, it might reappear! Yay to diminishing chafing, paddle-boat picnics, and Mexicans making great games!