Saturday, June 18, 2011

chacos. dad. and food.

I figured everyone was sitting on the edge of their seats, checking my blog every 10 minutes to see if I'd decided on the Chacos. So I thought I'd go ahead and give everyone peace of mind. I got the last pair. I've heard a few negative things about the double-strap ones but I think they look better so that's what I'm going with. And I mean...they're free. If I don't like them, I can always go back to the duct-taped ones and donate my new ones to my kind mother. (Don't count on it, Mom.)

Now that we've got that behind us, let's move on to a more important topic. While in China I've missed and will miss some important days to celebrate. For example: Mom's birthday, Rachel's birthday, Katelyn's birthday, Mothers' Day, and Fathers' day. And tomorrow happens to be Fathers' Day. Dad, for your Father's Day gift I'm coming home...I'll just be about 12 days late. But I really am so thankful for him and can't imagine life without him. I guess that's quite obvious, seeing that I wouldn't have life without him. But you get my drift. He's gentle. slow to anger. even slow to frustration (except when he spills something on his pants...his largest downfall in life). forgiving. a great example. joyful. a great leader of our family. a servant. and sometimes a little corny. These are scarcely a few of this man's countless attributes.

If you don't know him, you should. If you do know him, don't take it for granted. Dad, have a happy Fathers' Day! I love you like crazy!

And now that we have the important stuff behind us, we can move back to some less important things.

Obviously, China is much different from America. There's dark-skinned people with jet black hair, there's chopsticks, puke-inducing dogs, split-bottom pants, and an abundance of rice. But what I've been thinking about today is the lack of American food items here. There's import stores where you can buy food imported from America, but only for outrageous prices. So we don't usually do that. Except when Danielle is kind enough to buy real cream cheese for her sister-in-law's birthday red velvet birthday cake (I can't wait).

Even though we have a western breakfast, lunch, and dinner most days, it's not quite the same, since there's still some things that are just hard to get here. And there's some things I've been missing lately. So I have begun to compile a list of things I would like to have soon after I come home (this is aimed towards you, Mom). Seeing that I'll only be home for approximately 30 hours before I head off again, it's not much of a reality that I would be able to consume all of this food in this time period. But I'm hoping to have at least some of everything in those 30 hours, while in Arizona, and the week after I come back. Here are a few things that I'm ecstatic to consume:
Chickfila. The obvious one.
Oreos. Which can be found here. But we do not often get them.
Cheerwine. Definitely can't be found here. It can hardly be found anywhere but North Carolina, really.
Sun Chips. The Harvest Cheddar kind. To die for.
Skittles. I've had plenty while here. But I wouldn't mind some more.
Whales. I think they're sort of a knock-off Goldfish. But they're so different. And so good.
Pizza pockets. Nothing like processed cheese and meat stuffed in a small piece of bread.
Pizza. Dominos, preferably. Yes, it does weird things to my stomach. But it's worth every bite.
Birthday cake ice cream. The best comes from Bruster's.
Yum Yum's. Possibly the best hot dogs and ice cream in town.
Chicken nuggets. My mouth is watering.
Biscuits. Like...real biscuits. Bojangles or Chickfila. or homemade. I don't care.
Mashed potatoes. My mother's mashed potatoes.

Could the list go on? Yes. For a very long time. I like food. And although I love Chinese food very much, there's just nothing like a little processed western food. And when I say western I'm referring to the western hemisphere, not the western part of the United States. Just for clarification.

Have a happy Fathers' Day weekend. And enjoy your ice cream, cheese, and mashed potatoes. And don't rub it in.

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  1. Sweet girl. I'll make you mashed potatoes every day if you want them!!! Just hurry home! :)