Thursday, June 16, 2011

Chacos. For free.

My thoughts on Snuggies. Today I tried a Snuggie for the very first time. I know, Snuggies aren't such a big deal anymore. People have gotten past that. But Josh and Danielle have UNC Snuggie here. So I tried it for the first time today. I'm not exactly sure how I feel about it. This afternoon I was reading a magazine (Real Simple, to be more the way..excellent magazine) and wanted a blanket. So I pulled out the Snuggie, and yes, it was perfect and I was still able to read the magazine while having my arms covered. I think it is a very good product and no doubt is very useful. But I just don't think it's so genius like people have made it out to be. I mean, seriously. It's like putting on backwards a severely obese man's bathrobe. But it is for sure useful and definitely a product worth getting. So there you have it...what I think about Snuggies. If you were wondering. I just wasted 2 minutes of your life.

Now. Let's move on to a different product. Chacos. Remember the duct-taped Chacos? Yeah well I've got good news. My mother is a fantastic person. So, being the smart lady that she is, she got the Chaco company's email address, and sent them the link to my previous blog post, asking if there was any way they could get me some with back straps. Wanna know what the lady replied? You guessed would be her pleasure to get me a new pair. And she loved reading my blog and would show my pictures and blogs to her upper management and marketing teams. I'm practically the poster girl for Chacos. Sorry that my mom is more genius than yours. So far I've narrowed it down to 3 different ones, but man when you can pick anything you want it's sort of difficult. Thank you, Brenda Wingler, for your kindess. It is much appreciated.

If you have suggestions on your favorite, let me know. I'm in dire need of some help in choosing.

Well, Harvey's got this new addiction. Called gas drops. And it can calm him at any given time. Not because it relieves his gas, but because it tastes like candy. He's in love. Since Danielle has already written a detailed post on this subject, I will not say more, but I will send you over to her blog to read the post about it. So if you're interested in his insane addiction, click here. And if you're interested in seeing a video of his insane addiction, click here.

Also, the Sound of Music is quite possibly one of the best movies ever made. Ever.


  1. Definitely the top or bottom ones! they are the cutest:)

  2. I agree with Brooke! But I'm leaning towards the 1st pair. And you're going to be on Chacos ads before you know it!