Thursday, June 2, 2011

I am from England.

Yesterday (Wednesday) I got a tour around where Josh and Danielle live. It's much different than Beijing, to say the least. Then we went around looking for a light fixture for over their kitchen table...once light came crashing down on the table when Josh was changing the bulb right before we ate dinner a couple nights ago. Then we took Josh to hang out with his friends on campus and Danielle and I went to the cafeteria and got some smoothies and worked on my Chinese a little bit.
Then later I ate dinner and watched a movie with my new friends Grace and Lindsey. I love friends. Especially ones that speak English. And I'm so thankful for these friends.

Today I made 8 new English-speaking friends. Ah...this is the life.

This morning I had my first Chinese class. It was really good and I learned alot. My teacher is really nice and I really like speaking Chinese. I'd have to say the most useful thing I learned to say today was probably "I am from England."

Then after class I had some lunch and then headed to the bus stop with Lindsey to meet up with the aforementioned 8 girls. Well, after finding out that they went to another bus stop we made the small trek back to Lindsey's apartment and found them waiting for us. Then we went inside and the girls checked out Lindsey and Grace's dresses so they could get some similar ones made. Then we went back to the bus stop. And this is when rain began pouring from the sky. So 10 drenched foreign girls got onto the bus, while everyone stared, of course. Then we got off and went to another spot to get a different bus. We waited for at least 20, maybe 30, minutes for the bus...until a kind girl informed us that the bus we wanted wasn't running today or something. So we got in cabs and headed to the fabric market. After a series of unfortunate events, we finally made it there and began shopping. It was fun and I got some good fabric to get some skirts made. Then we headed back, praying that everyone would make it back to the same place. After another small series of unfortunate events, we all made it to the bus stop. When we got to the apartment complex I looked at my watch and Lindsey and I had been out on this excursion for 6 and a half hours. Ridiculous. So it messed up my plans to play soccer with Grace on campus, but we'll re-schedule for another time.

Lindsey cooked dinner for all the girls and invited me also. I told her I should go back, but if Josh and Danielle weren't having anything good I'd join them. So I got home, asked what was for dinner, and found out I'd probably end up eating cereal. So I went back and enjoyed salsa chicken. I'm sure no one cares what I ate for dinner, but it was an exciting part of my day.

Harvey is doing pretty well. Apparently while I was gone he cried alot. I'm convinced it was because he missed me.

I'm craving chickfila.

And Cheerwine.

And pizza pockets.

And cake batter ice cream.

Here are some pictures of Harvey's room, complete with curtain and bedding made by Mom and a lady at church.

Ok, so he had a bad hair day. Give him a break.

Mom's panda donation. It was supposed to play a song using different instruments. And promote genius-ness. Well, Mom, I hate to report that he died. Apparently you listened to his songs and played with him too much before you gave him to Harvey..

Bethany's wonderful trash donations from Garbage City in Cario, Egypt:

Oh and here's Harvey on his first flight:


  1. I LOVE the trash from Cairo. I'm sure Harvey loves the trash too. I also love Harvey. Come to Memphis SOON little Harv! And I love you, Anna. You should also come to Memphis. I don't have a window seat, but I can make you some yummy coffee.

  2. That thing hanging about Harvey's crib, I forget what they're called, is cracking me up. It's pretty much exactly what I pictured when yall described it to us. He is so smart already, I just know it.