Monday, June 27, 2011

we partied.

It was definitely my favorite birthday so far. Definitely. I'll give you the play-by-play on how it went. Which might sort of be redundant since I told you what we were going to do, and that's pretty much what we did, but just bear with me.

1. Cinnamon rolls for breakfast. So. Good. We have a picture of this part of the day but I'll spare you the hideous-ness of it.

2. Church. Good, as always.

3. Lunch: Picnic at the park with Josh, Danielle, the Harv, and Lindsey. Again, I'm in love with picnics. This one was a little weird, but still great. You see, Danielle packed peanut butter and jelly in hopes of stopping somewhere to get some bread. But we couldn't find anywhere to stop. So we ate apples (with peanut butter), pumpkin bread, chips, and pasta salad. Interesting combination, I know.

4. Ferris wheel. After lunch the boys joined us and we headed over to the ferris wheel. This ferris wheel is no ordinary ferris wheel. It just so happens to be the biggest one in southwest China. Not to mention, larger than any ferris wheel in America. It lived up to its expectations and I did not, in fact, freak out because of the height.

5. Chill time. We got rested up for the big meal! Danielle decorated my fantastic cake, Josh worked on the budget, Lindsey took a nap, and Harvey did some screaming. Oddly enough, I can't remember what I did.

6. We met up with the rest of the neighbors at the gate and headed off to the Howard Johnson. If you ever happen to be in the Spring City, please go here. And if you're feeling tired of China and are craving America, go here. I wasn't tired of China, but it was still fantastic. We all got the buffet...which is a little overwhelming. Steak, chicken, fish, pork, salad, shrimp, fruit, ice cream, cheese cake (this is for Daniel), potatoes, sushi, bread, and the list goes on. And on. And on. It was so great. But we could all barely walk from being so full. Literally. Daniel jokingly suggested that we could get a cab (it's like a 10 or 15 minute walk) and I willingly agreed to it. Needless to say, I was disappointed to find that he was only kidding.

7. Cake and games. Danielle made a superb red velvet cake (with cream cheese icing..mmm) but most of us decided that if we had one more bite of food we would die, so we saved it for the next day, today, when we all ate more than enough. Then we played suckatash (otherwise known as "the bowl game"), complete with the addition of a fourth round (where you use someone on another team as your puppet to act out the words), which Joseph told me about a few months ago. It was definitely my favorite round and was so hilarious. I still crack up about Lyndsay using Ryan as her puppet for "I've got a brand new pair of roller skates" and me using Daniel as a puppet for "Kung Fu Panda." I almost threw up a couple of times from the combination of the Howard Johnson buffet and laughing so hard. Then we played a couple rounds of "the family game" which was new to me but is definitely a keeper. And not to brag, but the second time around I won, making myself the head of the family. Where ironically everyone else in the family was older than me.

So that was my 16th birthday. I'm so so glad I got to spend it with the people I did and I couldn't have enjoyed it more. A big thanks to Josh, Danielle, Ryan, Lyndsay, Grace, Lindsey, Harrison, and Daniel for making it so great!

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