Sunday, June 12, 2011

zao zi and flowers.

Last week we went to a zao zi-making party for dragon-boat festival. Zao zi is pretty much rice wrapped up in a leaf and boiled. So Josh and i went over to some Wu and Fan's house to work on our Chinese culture.

Ryan and some Chinese students giving it a try

Fan (who was clearly the most qualified for the job)

Daniel and Josh

As it turns out, zao zi-making just isn't my thing. I sort of got the hang of it and made a couple, but overall, I left the job to the people who knew what they were doing. In case you're feeling like you need some Chinese culture in your life, I'll give the step-by-step process of how to make this stuff. Not that anyone cares. But it's a Sunday afternoon, Danielle is grading papers, Josh is reading, and Harvey is sleeping. So why not.

1. shape a long leaf into a cone shape.

2. fill the aforementioned cone-shaped leaf with rice.

...and a salted duck egg if you would like.

3. fold the 2 sides of the leaf over the part that is filled with rice.

4. wrap them all the way around.

5. and tie it with a string.

6. put them all in a pot of boiling water.

7. take them out, untie them, open up the leaf, and eat the rice which is now all stuck together in a pyramid shape. and there you have zao zi.

It was a really interesting and fun experience and I met some Chinese people, some of which really wanted to talk to me but had quite a difficult time because of the language barrier. But it's the thought that counts.

On another note, last week Danielle and I went to the flower market. If you happen to be a fan of the Amazing Race show, you may have seen an episode this season where they were in China. And you guessed it...they were in our city. And they did, in fact, go to this same flower market. Pretty cool.

So if you happen to be in China, and happen to be in this city, then you should for sure stop by the flower market. Just so you can say that you went to the place where the Amazing Race went...and because it's a fantastic place to go. We got so many flowers. least 8 dozen. For a grand total of $4.31. You can't really beat a price like that. In America they would've been at least $50, I'm sure. Now, I'll give a little bit of a disclaimer. We had to throw away like...a third of them. We didn't put them in water until a while after they were home, and I'm pretty sure the roses weren't very good quality. So alot of them had a rough time staying alive. But apparently alot of the time, they turn out really well. So we're definitely going back for more. The rest of the pictures of the flowers will have to come later, due to ridiculous uploading problems.

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