Saturday, July 16, 2011

the trip home. and missing china.

This is going to (hopefully) be a short post, seeing that I have too much to do to be blogging, but this is necessary. I promised a post and if I don't do it right now I never will. So here goes.

I feel like I can hardly even remember what I'm supposed to blog about or what happened on the way home. But I'll do my best to gather my thoughts and well, uh...tell them to you. Because I'm sure you're all dying to hear about my plane rides...not.

So I believe I left off on Wednesday night. Obviously, I went to sleep. And then woke up. We did a little rushing around. Harvey was sleeping soundly on the floor of his room while we ran around the house grabbing toothbrushes and snacks and computer cords and jackets. Josh and I took all of the suitcases downstairs..ok so Josh took most of them and I took a few. Josh is uh...a little more in shape than I am. I was dying.

After the first load down, Josh pulled the van over in front of the steps. Meanwhile, I stood on the sidewalk, looking around in the light of the early morning, and listening to crickets. No one was selling fruit. No one was playing cards. No one was exercising. No one was staring at me. It was just me and China...we bonded for a second. I just couldn't imagine leaving.

But enough of that, there were more suitcases upstairs. We hurried up all 54 steps (the best way to make climbing steps easier is to count them), trying to be quiet in order to not wake the neighbors. We took the last load down and came back up to grab the backpacks, Harvey and Danielle. I stepped outside of the apartment, said goodbye to it, and headed down the stairs. We were late...and there was no time for tears. But if there had been time, believe me, the tears would have flowed.

We jumped in the van and headed off to the airport. Josh and I jumped out at the door, he ran inside to find some luggage carts, Danielle went to park, and I stood outside with all of the luggage.

We stood in line while Josh did his best to convince them to not make us pay for overweight baggage (which they didn't) and I ate a pack of QQs. From there the details sort of escaped me. Somehow we got on a flight, Harvey did a little screaming, but it wasn't dreadful. We ate some fast food, got on another flight, and Harvey cried for 5 minutes. And then that was it...for the rest of the flight. It was wonderful. Oh and I watched the Justin Bieber movie. And finished The Case for Christ. I'm beginning to get used to 13 hours on a plane..and it really isn't that bad anymore. Then we got off and ate at Qdoba for a ridiculous amount of money. Airport food prices never cease to amaze me.

After a few delays, seeing old friends of Josh and Danielle in the airport, walking Harvey around for who knows how long to get him to sleep, and feeling like puking...we finally boarded our plane. Thank the Lord I didn't throw up cause boy I thought I was going to. But it's alright...I have experience with throwing up on planes. Believe me.

After travelling for 29 hours, somehow the 1-hour flight to North Carolina just didn't seem like a big deal. We got off the plane, and walked up to our families with smiles on our faces. Well, there was a smile on my face. I was thrilled...I was in North Carolina, the home of my bed, and not in an airplane or airport. We showed off Harvey a little bit, hung out at the chapel house (where Josh and Danielle are staying for the summer), and headed home. I rode with Joe, who kindly told me about and braced me for the culture shock that was ahead. Boy, was he right.

30 hours after we landed I was back at the airport again. This time on my way to Arizona for a missions trip. Which was delightful, but tiring. I haven't decided if I'm going to keep blogging or not, but if I do, I will most definitely tell you a diarrhea story like no other about my trip. You'll enjoy it.

This past week has been sort of crazy, but it's been good. Even though I've had like...3 or 4 breakdowns. At least. I just miss Josh and Danielle and Harvey and I sort of don't feel right here. Mentally, or physically. I know it'll pass, but I'll always miss China. It's my home away from home, that's for sure.

Tomorrow I'm supposed to be leaving to go to Kentucky to be a counselor at a camp for special needs people. I went last year and it was definitely one of the best weeks of the summer. Even though I am exhausted and sort of just want to do nothing except be home, I think I'll still go. I just keep thinking about how great it was last year and I can't imagine not going. Pray for Rachel, though...alot of tears will probably be shed on her shoulder. She's a good friend.

So that is my update. Like I said, I don't know if I'll be blogging again anytime soon, but looks like this could be my last China post. Sad day. And this wasn't exactly as short as I imagined.

Oh and also. I miss Harvey more than you can imagine. Seriously. Ok that's all.

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