Wednesday, September 28, 2011

10 secrets.

Hi. I am here to do some sort of challenge thing. It was on my sister-in-law's blog and so I thought I might as well do it. Not because anyone cares about reading it, but because I feel lame for never blogging, and this blog really serves no purpose if I want to do something random, then who cares. So that is why I am here. Because I have no life. No pressure to keep reading. And if you're only reading because the title is "10 Secrets" and you think I'm going to tell you all about how I'm in love with this boy, and I think this girl is obnoxious, and I really can't stand the way that one girl does her hair, then this isn't the post for you. These secrets have to do with pimento cheese and stuffed animals.

It is called the 10 Day You Challenge.

The first day of this 10 day challenge is to write down 10 secrets.

Let me pause. I have every intention of keeping this up and actually doing it for all 10 days without missing a day. But don't expect it. I don't really follow through with these sort of plans. (Example: 30 day photo challenge on Facebook. I eventually finished it, but it took me a few months.)

Ok here we go. 10 secrets. This is gonna be tough. And they probably won't really be secrets. I'll try my best.

1. Sometimes there are foods I don't like, but I think it would be cool if I liked them..because everyone else does. So I force myself to eat them, so that in the end I will like them. For example, I used to not like pineapple or pimento cheese. I do now, because I made myself eat them.

2. I always wanted to play basketball but was scared I would be bad, so I never played. I now regret this because it is completely ridiculous. I might play this fall. I will be terrible. But if I never do things that I'm not good at, I'll never get anywhere in life.

3. I feel sentimental about random things. You should see all of the stuffed animals in my closet that I won't get rid of.

4. I love getting/sending cards and letters. So much better than a text or a facebook message.

5. Texting gets on my nerves and sometimes talking on the phone is just way more convenient. But I'm horrible at talking on the phone and get really awkward when I do.

6. I've never really been trick-or-treating. But I really want to go.

7. I have random breakdowns way too often because of different things. Some of which are missing Harvey, missing all of my siblings/siblings-in-law, not wanting to grow up, wanting to go back to China, and the list goes on.

8. If you want to read the most embarrassing things I have written, don't visit my blog. Read my journal. It is located beside my bed. It's worse than my crapping-my-pants story. It's embarrassing. I've never let a soul read my journal. And I never plan to. Some nights when I'm feeling bored, I pull out my old journal and read the stupid things that used to go through my head.

9. I think a lot about the jerk-ish things people have said to me. And it makes me regret the jerk-ish things I've said to other people.

10. Boys have lost the whole "gentlemen" thing and I hate that. You don't have to open the door for me constantly, but don't wait for me to open the door for you. Be a gentleman.


  1. I read your journal often. Just kidding. I've never read it but it's really tempting me now. :)

  2. Catching up on my blog reading! #2: DO HARD THINGS. :)