Saturday, September 3, 2011

i miss you. and you. and you and you and you.

Tonight I miss China. I miss Josh. I miss Danielle. I miss Harvey.

I miss Ryan, Lyndsay, Grace, Lindsey, Daniel, and Harrison.

I miss Mi Gue You, Xiao Yan, and Ma Lao Shi.

I miss Chinese food and the diarrhea it gave me.

I miss walking to the market, riding in taxis, and going to the girls' house to watch movies.

I miss changing diapers, folding laundry, and washing dishes.

I miss being called wai guo ren and watching women dance in the park.

I miss our inside jokes, our after-dinner walks around the lake, and running around the house searching for the gas drops.

I miss trying to (and being able to) pick up words here and there in a Chinese conversation.

I miss being around people who understood when I laughed at the thought of "I will read my Bible every day," CD players, and "I've got a brand new pair of roller skates."

In short, I miss my life from April 23rd through June 30th. And (almost) everything that went on between those two dates.

Do I love my life now? Absolutely. Am I happy to be home with my family and friends? You bet. Do I miss China frequently? Every day. Do I have breakdowns every once in a while because I miss Harvey? Certainly. Was the trip worth my current sadness? It was worth every single tear. Would I take back any of the memories? Not a chance.

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