Wednesday, September 28, 2011

nine loves.

Today is 9 loves. I'm going to skip all of the typical "family, friends, and God" thing because those are the obvious ones. And everyone knows that I love my family, friends, and God. And if you didn't, then now you do.

So here are 9 loves, not including family, friends, and God.

1. Sports. Anything sports-related. Except Nascar, because it really isn't even a sport. And I'm not a huge fan of baseball.

2. T-shirts. I live in t-shirts. And thanks to my brother Joseph cleaning out his closet, I recently got a bunch of new t-shirts.

3. Road trips.

4. Facebook stalking. I know so many things about people that would probably freak them out if they realized how much I know.

5. Hayley Saffer. The best math teacher on the planet.

6. Camping. I just love sleeping outside. No matter what Jim Gaffigan says.

7. Documentaries. A big thanks to brother, Josh, for instilling in me a love for documentaries and all things didactic.

8. Weddings. I'm in love with weddings. The dresses, the tuxes, the hair, the flowers, the pictures, the decorations, the dancing, the cake, the ceremonies, the music, the food, everything. I just love it.

9. Having a license. So convenient. Now, I just need my after-nines.

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