Tuesday, September 13, 2011

pinterest, monsters, and sporcle.

You know those nights where you need to go to sleep but you don't want to so you just fumble around on the internet looking for something to keep you occupied? Yeah I didn't think you did. Because most of us are sane and when it's time to sleep, we sleep. But for some reason I can never bring myself to go to sleep before 11;30ish...unless I'm just super tired. So when it was only 8 o'clock and I didn't know how I would make it to 11:30ish without exhausting all of my creative abilities of looking up things on the internet, I decided to watch the Princess Diaries. It was a good decision. I just love Anne Hathaway.

I also decided to conquer one of the things on my "i WILL make these one day" Pinterest board. I made the monster bookmarks. That was also a good decision. These are super easy and so cool. And much better than just finding some random gum wrapper on the floor to use as a bookmark.

After I watched the movie and made the bookmarks, I resorted to the internet to give me something to do. I read up on the Twitter home page. I read the entire Facebook news feed, possibly more than once. I Facebook stalked random people that I hardly know. I looked at everyone's latest pins. I pinned everyone's latest pins. I tried to find things on blogs to pin. I checked tomorrow's weather forecast. I entered in a giveaway for a free iPad on the Pioneer Woman's blog.

And checked my Facebook in between each of the aforementioned activities.

The only thing I didn't do on the internet that would've been a good time-user was Sporcle quizzes. If you've never heard of Sporcle, go look it up now. There's all sorts of quizzes about history, geography, sports, word ladders, etc. etc. While in Beijing this is how I spent quite a few hours during our long wait for Harvey. They're very entertaining...and sort of educational.

So here I am, with nothing left on the internet to do. So I thought I'd blog. Which was probably a bad idea. If you're blogging because you're so bored and there's absolutely nothing left on the computer to do that you haven't already done, it's probably going to be a bad blog post. And for that, I apologize.

One thing that I thought you should all be aware of, is that Pinterest is my new obsession. I'd heard of it and looked at it and thought it was cool to look at other people's (particularly the Young House Love lady cause she's gotta be the craftiest lady in the world), but never really thought I'd get into it. And then Ashley blogged about it. So I looked at all of her boards and every single pin. I came across one pin and thought to myself, "I have to repin this!!!" So I got a Pinterest acount...just so I could pin that one pin. And now I pin like crazy. Literally. After having a Pinterest account for like...3 hours I already had over 100 pins. It's not ok. I'm addicted. But, it's a really cool thing and you should all do it. After all, without Pinterest, I would never have made those awesome bookmarks. And I pretty much have my entire wedding planned out in pins.

Ok I'm going to go read my Bible now. That would have been a very good use of my time for the last 3 and a half hours. Much better than making bookmarks and pinning cool pillow tutorials.

Oh and one more thing...my g of a sister-in-law wrote a blog post that everyone should read. It's called" a Case of the Somedays." And here's the link: A Case of the Somedays.


  1. You are so sweet. :)

    And yes, you are now officially the best pinner I know. I'll never have to look at anyone else's Pinterest again because you just have it all covered.

    Is it weird that I just got excited about your future wedding because you said that?

    Much love, Sis

  2. Hahaha no, it's not that weird. It's gonna be a blast. Your kid(s) can be my flower girls and/or ring bearer.

    That's kind of weird that your kids could be at my wedding. Strange..