Tuesday, October 25, 2011

a few pins.

Because it's 10:50 pm and my madre wants me to go to bed shortly, I will present you with a short post on the topic of Pinterest.

Pinterest is genius. Literally genius. Like...why in the world did no one think of this before now?

Anyways. If you don't have a Pinterest, you need one. Want an invite? Let me know..I'll get you one.

So I'm gonna share with you a few of my favorite pins. I've already pinned 379 things. It's bad, I know. I have an addiction.

Ok here we go.

Put a marble in when you make cupcakes, and there you have a heart-shaped cupcakes.

I don't know what it is about this picture. But it's just cool. I love it. And the song...so good.

One day I will have a child that looks like this.

Well this is seriously adorable. The shadow....perfect.

I'm so in love with this scarf. So in love.

Keep with tradition...the groom doesn't see the bride before the wedding.

Um. Precious.


This is just a picture frame with a piece of fabric in it. And the words are written with a dry-erase marker. So smart and simple.

And one last one, to end this post. I don't know who this is, but he is beautiful.

Monday, October 17, 2011

dry skin and razor burn.

If you read my blog while I was in China, you may remember a problem I was having. A chafing problem. Thankfully this problem went away and has not returned. But another problem has arisen. Dry skin.

No big deal, right? Everyone has dry skin. And the solution is put on some lotion, and you'll be good to go. Not this kid. This may be caused by one of two problems: my legs get so dry that lotion does nothing for them, or I don't ever get around to putting on lotion. Most people tell me, "Well, uh...don't you put on lotion after you get out of the shower?"...like this is some sort of common practice or something. Maybe it is, but back when I was 10 years old and learned to take a shower, they didn't teach me to put on lotion afterwards. (Is 10 the age for learning to take showers? Maybe I was 9. or 8 or 7. maybe 6. I don't know.)

I don't know what the issue is, but for the past few years as soon as it begins to gets cold (without fail) my skin freaks out. It's like it's never been in temperatures lower than 70 degrees before. My hands used to be super bad and look like dinosaur skin. And sometimes it still does. But it's so much easier to put lotion on your hands than your legs.

So currently my legs are disgusting, red, and dry. And I have a bad habit of scratching the fool out of them, which only makes it worse, I'm sure.

But dry skin is not my only leg problem. You see...Friday morning I shaved my leg in the shower. Notice "leg" is not plural. It was 6:45...I felt like death. I was not thinking straight. And I only shaved one leg. Somehow I went through the whole day without noticing until I touched my leg and was like, "good grief I shaved this morning..how is it this horrible already?" And then I touched the other leg and it was smooth.

When I noticed this, I was in the church van on the way to the youth rally. I hadn't taken a razor, because I hadn't planned on needing to shave. So the next morning, I got my friend to bring her razor to the youth rally and I shaved one leg in the women's bathroom using hand soap.


Never use hand soap when shaving. It doesn't work. As a result, I got razor burn. And boy did it burn. My legs looked like I had been attacked by a porcupine. It was horrid. Well, the afternoon rolled around and I tried not to think about it. That night I took a shower and noticed my leg (the one that I originally shaved) needed shaving. And the other one could use it too, since that morning I shaved in the bathroom sink at church, and I didn't do a great job.

Let me warn you. Never shave a leg that has razor burn.

It's like razor burn on top of razor burn. And it burns like hot balls of fire. I don't care how hairy your legs are, do not shave them. Find some pants to wear or something. Or just don't go out in public. I don't care. Do anything but shave razor burnt legs.

So now I have legs with extremely dry skin, red from scratching them, bumpy and painful from razor burn, and in need of a shave because there's no way I'm attempting shaving razor burnt legs again.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

3 films, 2 songs, 1 picture. challenge complete.

3 films.

These are not necessarily my favorite 3, because it's way too hard to narrow it down to 3. These are just 3 of my favorites.

1. Remember the Titans. If you read my sister Ashley's blog, then you know she already posted about this. I hate to repeat, but uh...it's such a good movie. I can't leave it off of this list.

2. More Than a Game. It's highly probable that you've not seen this movie or heard of it, but it's a documentary about LeBron James. Even if you're not that into basketball, I assure you, you would like it. It's really good.

3. Justin Bieber: Never Say Never. Last, but most definitely not least. such.a.good.movie. Seriously, if you haven't seen it, go watch it now. I haven't heard of a single person who didn't like it, and most people love it.

The bad thing is, if you don't like him, you refuse to watch the movie...but if you watched it, you would like him. But you think you don't want to like him, so when I tell you that you will like him if you watch it, you won't watch it. Did that make sense? It made sense in my head. Anyways...you should watch it, whether you like him or not. It is excellent.

He's so much better than like...Miley Cyrus. The only reason Miley Cyrus is famous is because her dad is. There's way better singers out there than her that aren't famous....she just had a little unfair advantage over them. Justin Bieber, on the other hand, if you aren't aware, was found on Youtube by Scooter Braun. No connections, no famous family members, nothin. Just talent. Pure talent. And that's one thing I like about him.

2 songs. So tough.

1. Deathbed by Relient K. This song is 11 minutes long. It tells the life story of guy who is laying on his deathbed because of lung cancer, which he got from smoking.

Here's just a small part of the lyrics.

I was so scared of Jesus but he sought me out
Like the cancer in my lungs, it's killing me now
And I've given up hope on the days I have left
But I cling to the hope of my life in the next

Well, then Jesus showed up, said, "Before we go on
I thought that we might reminisce
See one night in your life, when you've turned out the lights
You asked for and prayed for my forgiveness"

"You cried, wolf, the tears, they soaked your fur
The blood dripped from your fangs, you said, 'What have I done?'
You loved that lamb with every sinful bone
And there you wept alone, your heart was so contrite"

"You said, 'Jesus, please forgive me of my crimes
Sanctify this withered heart of mine
Stay with me until my life is through
And on that day, please take me home with you'"

2. Grenade by Bruno Mars. So good.

Some of the lyrics...
To give me all your love is all I ever asked
'Cause what you don't understand is

I'd catch a grenade for ya
Throw my hand on a blade for ya
I'd jump in front of a train for ya
You know I'd do anything for ya

I would go through all this pain
Take a bullet straight through my brain
Yes, I would die for you, baby
But you won't do the same

1 picture.

Good choice, I know.

Even though it took longer than 10 days, I finished it. And finishing is an accomplishment, right?

Friday, October 7, 2011

my brothers.

Well, since I blogged about my sisters, I felt like I should probably blog about my brothers too. Not that any of them read my blog, I'm sure, but I thought the rest of you should know I love them too, not just their wives.

First of all, I'm so glad I grew up with a bunch of brothers, not a bunch of sisters. I don't think I could have handled 3 girls, no matter how much I wanted someone's clothes to wear.

Joshua Mark. Josh is quite an incredible person. And a pure genius. You're reading and you come across a word that you don't know the meaning of? Ask him. He'll know...guaranteed. Fun fact: when he was a child he used to read encyclopedias for fun. Also, he lives in China, which automatically gives him a few cool points. He is the father of an incredibly good-looking child Harvey (who gets his good looks from his daddy). He is extremely wise and a fantastic husband to Danielle. Oh, and one more thing...you should hear him play the piano and sing. Incredible. Seriously.

Jordan William. Jordan is also an incredible person. He has a sense of humor like no other. There's just something about him that will always make you laugh. I don't remember the last time I was with him that I wasn't constantly entertained. He just throws these random comments out every once in a while and it's just hysterical. Anyways. Moving past the humor. He has some sick guitar skills and also sings, of course. I wish you could have seen his high school basketball games. Boy, was he good. He's got a tender heart and is just as handsome as his older brother. And just perfect for Ashley.

Joseph Lee. Joseph is one of a kind. I promise, you won't find another person like him. If he's not singing, he's beatboxing, and if he's not beatboxing, he's playing an instrument, and if he's not playing an instrument he's asleep dreaming about music. The kid loves music. He can make just about anyone laugh. He is definitely one of the most joyful people I know. If you're having a bad day, call him up...he'll fix that. Like both of his brothers, he not only gets the girls with his dashingly good looks, he also gets them with his kind nature and the way Christ shows through him.

Each of the aforementioned people are incredible men of God and are constantly amazing me with their lives.

And even though I always dreamed of sisters, I couldn't have lived without my brothers...and I knew that. No matter how many times they convinced me to do things for them by timing me, and no matter how many times I was chased around the house, and no matter how many times we fought over the green plate, I couldn't be more thankful for them.

4 books.

4 books. Well, it shouldn't be too tough, seeing that I haven't read a whole lot more than 4 books in my lifetime. Sad, I know.

You know how they say to never judge a book by its cover? I have an issue with this. I always judge books by their covers. And I probably miss out on a lot of good books because they don't have cool covers. When you get to number 4, you will see that it does not have a pretty cover. But don't judge it. It's a good book, I promise. They all are. Read them all. Right now.

1. The Blind Side by Michael Lewis. Oh my word. I read this book at the beach and it was so good. About half of the book is about football, and not just the typical football that I would like to read about. It's all about these random coaches and games and schools that really have nothing to do with the story of the Blind Side. So I sort of skimmed through those parts...ok I just skipped them altogether. It was just too off-subject to keep me entertained. But the rest of the book is seriously so good. I was extremely sad when I finished reading it.

2. Radical. If I've said it once, I've said it a million times. Such a good book. If you're feeling like you're on a spiritual low, read it. You won't feel like that anymore. It's so...I don't even know. It just puts you in a very excited mood and makes you love Jesus even more.

3. Radical Together...which is like a second part to Radical. Radical is about having a radical life, while Radical Together is about your local church living radically together. It's extremely convicting.

4. The Case for Christ. This was a big help with my doubting and such. It's full of strong arguments defending the Bible. It's extremely good and I definitely recommend it.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

my sisters.

Today I am supposed to be blogging about 4 books. But I decided not to. I wanted to blog about something I love more than books, something I'd rather spend my time with than books, and something that's way more important to me than books. (besides the Bible of course...the Bible is extremely important.)

My sisters.

I have 2 sisters. Well, technically sisters-in-law. But I feel like they've been my sisters forever. They fit perfectly into our family, and seem like they've been here all along. I couldn't ask for better sisters.

When I was younger, I always dreamed about having sisters. It'd be so wonderful to be able to share clothes with them, and share a room with them, and get random advice from them about boys, and play house with them.

I never really thought that I actually would have sisters. I knew my brothers would grow up and get married, I just didn't think of it the same way. Even though I never got what I thought of what a sister would be like, I got something even better. I never thought about how I could be in their weddings, and go shopping with them, and take care of their babies, and have sleepovers with them, and get real advice from them, and look at them as role models.

But that is just what happened. All of the above describe my sisters. They are 2 of my favorite people alive, and I can't (and don't want to) imagine life without them. They're both such good examples for me.

Joseph, you had better search good and hard for a wife, because you're gonna have a hard time finding one that is on Danielle and Ashley's level.

I want to grow up to be just like them.

I never got the sisters I wanted. But I got the sisters that I didn't know I wanted. And I wouldn't trade them for the world.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

5 foods.

I'm behind one day. Who cares. 5 foods. I'm not really sure what this 5 foods thing is all about; I think it's kind of strange. But I guess I'll do it.

1. Ice cream. Particularly cake batter from Cold Stone...in a waffle cone.

2. Garlic bread. Give me garlic bread with any meal and I'll be a happy camper.

3. Ritz peanut butter crackers. They are addicting. I eat at least 1 pack a day, usually 2.

4. Chickfila. Anything from Chickfila. It's just so good. I'm thinking about having Chickfila cater my wedding. No joke.

5. Apple with peanut butter. Plain apple: lame. Apple with peanut butter: fantastic.

btdubs I made the basketball team. Hollaa.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

6 places.

Today is 6 places. I guess they're supposed to be like places that are special to me? I don't know.

Also, I realize that it's lame that there are no pictures on this blog. I realize that it would be easy to find pictures that fit for this post, since it's about places. But it's late. And I need to go to sleep. And the internet is being stupid.

1. My house. The only house I've ever lived in. And I can't imagine living anywhere else.

2. Shannon Hills Bible Chapel. Pretty much my second home. I spend the most time there than anywhere else, except for my house.

3. UNC. It's always been my dream to go to school there. Whether I go there or not, I'll always love that place. It's gorgeous. And full of Tar Heel spirit.

4. China. I'm sure you're ready to shoot me for mentioning this again, since I talk about it all the time. But it seriously is great. It doesn't seem like a place someone would want to go to if they could choose a foreign country to go to. But it's seriously wonderful.

5. Granma and Grandaddy's house. So many memories there.

6. Mountain Top Youth Camp. I've spent too many weeks there to count them all, and I can't imagine a summer without it. This year I could only go to one week, and it felt so strange to not be there for my typical four weeks.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

7 fears.

So apparently I was supposed to do 8 fears and then 7 wants. But I did 8 wants. So now I'll do 7 fears. I really should follow directions more closely. And also, I'm a day late with this. My bad.

7 fears. In no particular order.

1. Ants. I don't know why, but I hate them almost more than any other bug. One here and there, I can deal with. But for some reason our house often has ant issues. Like..every summer. And they're usually huge and come daily in swarms of like...30. And it's disgusting. This year we had big ants. But not only big ants, we had little ants too. You'd think the little ones would be easier for me. But they're not. Why? They come in swarms of hundreds...and hundreds. So disgusting.

2. Clowns. They sort of creep me out. I think it's because of that one Air Bud movie they had with the clown who tried to steal the dog.

3. Not making the homeschool basketball team. I realize it'd be embarrassing to play for the homeschool jv girls basketball team. But it'd be even more embarrassing to try out for and not make the homeschool jv girls basketball team.

4. Oversleeping. I think I've only done this maybe once in my life. Before I go to sleep I usually check like 5 times to make sure I turned on my alarm.

5. Forgetting my favorite memories/moments with Harvey. I want to remember every single time I held him, and changed his diaper, and gave him his pacifier. I have already forgotten a alot. And I just don't want to forget anymore. He's so precious and I never want to lose a single one of the precious moments I had with him.

6. Never seeing my China friends again. I probably won't see them..until Heaven, at least. I'm hoping to visit Grace at UNC one of these days. But as for Ryan, Lyndsay, Daniel, Harrison, Lindsey, and all of my Chinese friends...there's not a huge possibility of seeing them again. It makes me want to cry. I'd do a lot to have us all back together again.

7. Never going back to China. I miss it so much, and am dying to go back. Thanks to Rossetta Stone, I've got a little bit of China back in my life. But it's just not the same.