Friday, October 7, 2011

4 books.

4 books. Well, it shouldn't be too tough, seeing that I haven't read a whole lot more than 4 books in my lifetime. Sad, I know.

You know how they say to never judge a book by its cover? I have an issue with this. I always judge books by their covers. And I probably miss out on a lot of good books because they don't have cool covers. When you get to number 4, you will see that it does not have a pretty cover. But don't judge it. It's a good book, I promise. They all are. Read them all. Right now.

1. The Blind Side by Michael Lewis. Oh my word. I read this book at the beach and it was so good. About half of the book is about football, and not just the typical football that I would like to read about. It's all about these random coaches and games and schools that really have nothing to do with the story of the Blind Side. So I sort of skimmed through those parts...ok I just skipped them altogether. It was just too off-subject to keep me entertained. But the rest of the book is seriously so good. I was extremely sad when I finished reading it.

2. Radical. If I've said it once, I've said it a million times. Such a good book. If you're feeling like you're on a spiritual low, read it. You won't feel like that anymore. It's so...I don't even know. It just puts you in a very excited mood and makes you love Jesus even more.

3. Radical Together...which is like a second part to Radical. Radical is about having a radical life, while Radical Together is about your local church living radically together. It's extremely convicting.

4. The Case for Christ. This was a big help with my doubting and such. It's full of strong arguments defending the Bible. It's extremely good and I definitely recommend it.

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