Sunday, October 2, 2011

6 places.

Today is 6 places. I guess they're supposed to be like places that are special to me? I don't know.

Also, I realize that it's lame that there are no pictures on this blog. I realize that it would be easy to find pictures that fit for this post, since it's about places. But it's late. And I need to go to sleep. And the internet is being stupid.

1. My house. The only house I've ever lived in. And I can't imagine living anywhere else.

2. Shannon Hills Bible Chapel. Pretty much my second home. I spend the most time there than anywhere else, except for my house.

3. UNC. It's always been my dream to go to school there. Whether I go there or not, I'll always love that place. It's gorgeous. And full of Tar Heel spirit.

4. China. I'm sure you're ready to shoot me for mentioning this again, since I talk about it all the time. But it seriously is great. It doesn't seem like a place someone would want to go to if they could choose a foreign country to go to. But it's seriously wonderful.

5. Granma and Grandaddy's house. So many memories there.

6. Mountain Top Youth Camp. I've spent too many weeks there to count them all, and I can't imagine a summer without it. This year I could only go to one week, and it felt so strange to not be there for my typical four weeks.

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