Tuesday, November 1, 2011

more pins. i'm lamee.

So this blog is pretty much going way down hill. It has been going down hill ever since I came back to America. Cause uh...let's face it..America isn't all that great.

No, it really is. It's just not as interesting as China. or Harvey.

So yeah. I pretty much have nothing to blog about anymore. My week really isn't all that exciting. I love it, but uh...let's be honest. No one else cares what play we learned in basketball practice. Or that tonight in one of my students' piano lessons, I taught her how to know left from right (I pretty much feel like a hero).

So since I have nothing to talk about I'll show you some more of my favorite pins.

Every anniversary, take a picture of you holding a picture of the anniversary before. Once you get to like...10...it'd look sooo cool.


This needs no words.

Literally, a bucket list. Why have I not thought of this?


Good words to live by.

So cute.

Such a cool tattoo. I will never get a tattoo. But this is cool.

This is such a genius idea.

Ok that's all. I hope you enjoyed my pins. And if you didn't...well..sorry. Feel free to stop reading now.


  1. Love them! Love that anniversary picture!

    DON'T EVER STOP BLOGGING because you are awesome. Nothing is downhill. You could blog about simply getting out of bed and it would interesting.

    I love you.

  2. Anna shelley! :) you're blog is soooo adorable! :) I love it! :)