Sunday, February 12, 2012

corn huskers. a leg solution.

Depending on how often/long you've been reading my blog (or how good your memory is), you may recall something about my legs. I mention them fairly often. I know it sounds weird. But click here for the blog about my leg chafing, and here for the blog about my double razor burn. And continue reading for my dry-leg solution.

Yes, solution. Get excited.

If you too have insane problems with your legs being extraordinarily dry; and if you too have been searching for some sort of lotion that will do the trick; and if you too have failed to find something that will even come close to helping....this post is for you. And for the other 98% of the people reading this, continue reading for your entertainment, or quit reading now.

As you may know, for the last couple of weeks my parents have been in the Bahamas while my dad speaks at an assembly in Spanish Wells. (I know what you're thinking...why in the world did I not go. School. I agree, horrible reason.) While they've been gone I've been partyin with Granma and Grandaddy. Well, not really partyin. More like living with them and while I'm here (which is rare) I'm doing school in my room. Anyway. At the beginning of my grandparent-vacation Granma asked if I was still having issues with my dry skin. I told her I was. And she handed me one of the most beautiful things I've ever seen.

It wasn't that beautiful at the time...but now I just love the look of it. Because I know what is inside.

This stuff has worked wonders. My legs are still not at the quality of the average person's. But a few weeks ago they were far from average and now they are much, much closer. All thanks goes to Granma and the corn huskers. I don't even know what a corn husker is. Someone who husks corn? What is husking, anyway? Who cares? I will be forever indebted to them, whether a corn husker is a person, an animal, a force of nature, or an inanimate object.

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