Friday, March 2, 2012

5 days and counting.

The seventh day of March, in the year two thousand twelve. Josh Shelley, Danielle Shelley, and Harvey Shelley move to the United States of America. I haven't seen these people since August and it's been far too long. I miss them more than you know.

These 3 people were my life for a few months this summer. I learned so much from them and with them. That babies do, in fact, take over your life and require 96% of your time. I learned to love to read. I learned right along side of them how to take care of a circumcision. I learned how to cut a pineapple. How to use an apartment intercom system. That Kunming International Hospital would be my first choice for having a baby. The definition of didactic and loquacious. That these people are pros when it comes to dealing with airport ridiculousness. That taking a 4 week old human being in public is much different then going with walking-and-talking human beings.

And I am so excited for their coming home. Well, leaving home is probably more like it. Let me rephrase. I'm excited for their coming to America, but not excited for their leaving home. I miss that home, and I only lived there for hardly more than a month. They will miss that home like crazy. They're moving to a foreign country...the States. They've lived in China for 6 years. They have no experience of living an adult life in the US. They will have a lot of things to get used to. So many things that will seem so foreign to them. The fact that it isn't exactly ok to run red lights every now and then. The fact that people won't tell them their child needs to be wearing more clothes. The fact that you can drink water out of the sink. And the list goes on.

Everyone knows that culture shock is bad. But boy, reverse culture shock just might be worse.

Life will be weird. Different. Confusing.

But I know these people. And I know that if anyone can handle it, they can. They're the best ones for the job.

The preparations are in full swing. Meals are being planned for the few days after they get here. Toys are being brought out of the basement. The crib is being assembled. And the anticipation is rising.

5 days. 5 DAYS. We've been waiting for this for so long. And now it's so close I can almost smell it. We love you. We miss you. We are absolutely thrilled to see you so soon.

So, Josh, Danielle, and Harvey. Welcome to America. Welcome home.

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  1. Precious! I can FEEL the excitement for ALL of you!