Tuesday, March 20, 2012

no worries, we're alive.

I have finally decided to blog, lest you think that my family members were in a horrible plane crash that landed in the Atlantic Ocean on the way back from China, or that some sort of terrorist kidnapped me from my house, or that that rapture happened and you missed it, or that our family has been trapped inside of an electricity-free household because of a blizzard.

But what you can assume is that Josh, Danielle, and Harvey arrived safely from China and every day I see that kid (and really all 3 of them) I fall in love over and over again. Excuse my biased opinion, but he is the cutest child alive. Ever since they have been back I have seen them every day (except today I only saw Josh and Danielle cause the child was napping). Having them back is so much fun. After basketball season ended, my life would have become so mundane. Go to school, come home, teach piano, do homework, repeat. But, I spend a lot of my time with the aforementioned family members and I couldn't be more happy about it. (And not just because I get to procrastinate my schoolwork...I really do love them for them, I promise.)

Since they've been back we've done so many fun things that I should've been blogging about, if not for the sake of your reading pleasure than for the sake of looking back at memories.

At the beginning of the year I started to write down my "highlights of the week". I have a spiral-bound set of notecards and at the end of every week (or whenever I think to do it) I write down the highlights of the week. For the first couple of months of the year, my highlights mainly centered around basketball. For the last month, my highlights have mainly centered around my family. I love basketball, but I love my family more. And boy have I loved this March.

Here is an example from my constantly-playing-basketball life (this is the week of February 2-February 18):
-Mom and Dad got back from the Bahamas [I missed them alot].
-Had free breakfast at Chickfila with Rachel. She came to my basketball game and hung out a little afterwards.
-Beat Charlotte in the regional semi-finals. Best game I've ever played.
-Party with the basketball team.
-Beat High Point in the regional finals. Champions.

As you can see, a lot of my life revolved around basketball.

Here is an example from my more-family-centered life (this is the week of March 11-March 17):
-Sunday lunch at Granma and Grandaddy's house with everyone except Uncle Eric, Aunt Denise, Hope, Luke, and Uncle Kirby.
-Hanging out with Mom, Harvey, Danielle, Bethany, Brooke, Meredith, Thomas, Eli, and Aunt Kim at the Bicentennial Gardens/Bog Garden.
-Hanging out with Mom, Josh, Danielle and Bethany at the chapel house and helping [more like watching] them sort through stuff.
-Running, laying out, and doing school with Katelyn.
-Zoo trip with the whole family. So fun and perfect weather. Then we came home and ate dinner and played Ticket to Ride [which, by the way, is a fantastic game which you should all buy].
-Babysitting/being with Harvey almost constantly.

And as you can see here, my life now revolves around family, not basketball. I have to confess something. I haven't even put on my basketball shoes since the season ended. And I don't think I've touched a basketball. Don't tell my coach.

So you already know some of the fun things we've done since our Chinese family members arrived. Most of the fun things we do are just sit around together and talk and eat food. We're the kind of people that don't often go places or do things to have fun (other than board games), we just love being together. Jordan, Ashley, and Joe have also come home 2 weekends in a row which is so much fun to have everybody here at the same time. It doesn't happen often.

Quick picture recap (minus the zoo pictures, which will come later):

At the park. We weren't all quite ready.

Sunday Lunch at Granma and Grandaddy's. Everyone is laughing at Grandaddy trying to get Harvey to smile. Entertaining, for sure.

Mom and the Harv at the airport.

Joe teaching Harvey how to play the piano.

Jordan, Ashley, and Harvey.

First night in the States.

The two Harveys.

4 generations.

Well, there's a quick rundown on the last few weeks, and if you don't feel filled in enough, just know that I play with Harvey a lot and often tell him how cute he is. Ok, now you're filled in on my life as of late.

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