Thursday, March 22, 2012

only YOU can prevent forest fires?

On the way home from school I always pass a billboard with a large bear (I'm assuming Smokey the Bear) pointing, with the words, "Only YOU can prevent forest fires," written over him. It looks something like this:

Every time I see this billboard I get so confused. When it says "you" does it mean me? Is it talking to the Greensboro population as a whole? Is it speaking to each individual that reads it? Because I know for a fact that I cannot prevent forest fires. I would have no clue where to begin. Maybe pour some water all over the ground? I don't know.

I also don't think that Greensboro could prevent a forest fire. Greensboro has some crazy people, I tell you what. No matter how much Greensboro did to prevent a forest fire, someone would go throw a cigarette in the forest and leave it which would cause a fire....or some other similar scenario.

And I'm also wondering why Smoky the Bear chooses to say "only". Um, sorry but even if I could prevent a forest fire, I feel quite confident I would not be the only one who could. I am completely sure that there are much more capable people out there who could do the job.

I know nothing about preventing a fire. Smoky the Bear does not know what he's talking about.

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