Tuesday, May 29, 2012

i'm bethany's cousin and josh's sister.

Memphis is a wonderful place. There's Mexican popsicles and there's Central BBQ and there's Elvis Pressley's house and there's a Kroger on every corner. But there's also high temperatures and high levels of humidity and the closest Walmart to my current location is 20 minutes away. Not Memphis' best features, but that's ok.

I have thoroughly enjoyed my week here and am excited that I'm only one-third of the way done. Friday Josh and Danielle peaced out to head to Denver for the wedding of Daniel Schneider and his wife Karen whose last name I do not know. Except I guess it's Schneider now.

Since then, I've been livin' it up with Bethany Andrews. A dear, dear cousin, that woman. She's strong (not just physically) and she loves to laugh just as much as I do and she likes to read and she uses big words that no one else understands and she's beautiful. So far we've been to the pool every day. I'm pretty sure the lifeguard thinks we're insane. We go to this pool that's for a small college that allows MTR people to use. One day he asked us if we were there for some special event and we told him that someone told us MTR people could use the pool. He said that was fine. But when we came back yesterday the pool was crowded and there weren't many chairs. We were headed for a couple of the empty ones when he kindly told us we could sit in the other non-pool chairs, and we kindly told him we'd just sit on the concrete. Thanks for the offer, sir.

We've been to Central BBQ, Young Ave. Deli, and Fellowship Memphis. We've been assisting some people in their moves into the Georgian Woods (which is a rare opportunity). We've been eating cheddar bunnies (the best knockoff brand of goldfish...and they're all natural). We've been watching movies (two of which are "We Bought a Zoo" and "The Mighty Macs"...I strongly advise that you watch both of them). We've been singing. We've been doing the Jillian Michaels 30 day shred. We've been talking about boys.

We've stayed up late and we've slept in late. There's been laughter and there's been tears, and I tell you what, we're having a grand time.

I've gotten into this habit that I'm going to need to stop when I go back to NC. Every time I meet someone I say, "Hey, I'm Anna. I'm Bethany's cousin and I'm also Josh Shelley's sister - he's a new resident." Everyone I meet knows Bethany, and then I throw in Josh to help make another connection. That's who I am now. If I'm in Greensboro or at some sort of assembly function I usually throw in something about being Mark Shelley's daughter and they know who I am. If that doesn't work, I'm Josh Shelley's little sister, Jordan Shelley's little sister, or Joseph Shelley's little sister. They usually know one of those people. Well, I made the mistake of getting into the habit of my introduction a little too much. Last night I met someone and told them that I was Bethany's cousin. A few minutes later Bethany walked up and introduced herself. I guess me telling her I was Bethany's cousin didn't really help at all.

We're super excited because Josh, Danielle, and Harvey are coming home tonight! Time to get back to real life, guys. After a couple months of not having a lot routine or set responsibilities (other than shopping on Craigslist like nobody's business and taking Harv to anyone who desires to see him), I'm sure they'll be happy to get on some sort of schedule, but also sad to send Josh away to school every morning.

We've got some good things planned for Bethany's last week here. Tomorrow night I'm watching the Harv so his lovely parents can eat dinner with some friends. Thursday night is the MTR welcome dinner. Friday night...we're gonna do something, not sure what. Saturday night is a hoe-down. It should be a good time.

Thank the Lord for Bethany Andrews, good movies, and Memphis.

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  1. So glad you're having such a great time! Keep blogging and put up some pictures please!!! Love and miss you!