Wednesday, May 16, 2012

may and june goals.

Warning: This post is a little long. I apologize for that. Feel free not to read it.

I was reading a blog and the writer of this blog has started doing something every month where she posts goals for the month and at the end of the month posts about how she kept up with the goals. Sort of like new year's resolutions except more often so they're easier to remember, easier to accomplish, and less broad than general things like lose weight, or have a closer relationship with God, or exercise more often. Those things are all great, of course, but let's be honest. Who actually follows through with their new years resolutions? We're only in May and I bet there's hardly a person reading this post that has been faithful to keeping up with their new year's resolutions.

So, I don't know if this is a good idea or not, but I think I might try. It's the middle of May, but I wanted to go ahead and do it and not wait until June. So, by the end of June I would like to accomplish the following:

1) Have all graduation and birthday presents for May and June bought and/or made and given away. It's incredible how many presents I'm buying. When we get back from the beach I'm gonna have a few hours where I'll have time to go shopping...hopefully I can get everything done.

2) Finish reading through the gospels. I just finished J.D. Greear's book, Gospel, and there's a challenge at the end where it lays out which chapters to read in order to read all of the gospels in 40 days. You're also supposed to say this prayer (which is something that he came up with to embrace the gospel) every day along with your reading, which I haven't been doing. But at least I'm reading.

3) Read something. I'm not sure what yet, but I want to read a book. I've recently finished Gospel, which I already mentioned, and Tim Tebow's book, Through My Eyes. They were both excellent (although I'd say that Tim Tebow's book is better). They're very different but also both very gospel-centered. I loved the way that Tebow's book had a nice mix of football and spiritual things, intertwining them both. He made spiritual applications to football examples and also told many stories of how God has worked in his life and the things that He has taught him. It's really great. And you should all read it. Unless you hate football, because he literally talks through almost every single game of his college career...not even kidding. I think he skips maybe two.

4) Get on a daily prayer schedule. During the school year, my prayer time was in the car. I know, not very quiet, or dark, or closet-like, but it worked for me. On the way to school, and anywhere else, I often turned off the radio and just spent that time with the Lord in prayer for the day and whatever else came to my mind. I prayed for my family every day and for anyone else I could think of that needed prayer, etc. etc. But now it's summer and I'm not driving to school every day and my prayer life has been slacking off wayyy too much. I think if I had something laid out where I prayed for the same things every Sunday, and the same things every Monday, and so on, I think it could work a lot better. Sometimes it becomes overwhelming when I pray because so many things come into my mind and I end up praying for the same things every day. Which isn't bad, but I feel like I could pray for more things in a week if I didn't pray for the same things over and over every day.

5) Run. Once. Only once. That's my goal. It sounds ridiculous, but when I leave the beach I'll be going to Memphis and then to Raleigh and then to Tennessee and then finally home, with one week at the end of June in Greensboro. At least that's the plan. So, if somewhere in there I can fit in one run I think I'll be happy. Don't be surprised if at the end of June I'm obese. So much food. So little exercise. It's horrible, really.

6) Memorize something. Not just anything, of course, but some scripture. I'm not sure what yet. Katelyn Murphy, Jonathon Baker, and I had great intentions on memorizing Psalm 119 this semester over our Monday lunch breaks. We got through about 16 verses (or less...) and that was it. I think maybe I should start with something a little smaller than 176 verses. Maybe I'll go with a short passage. I'll have to think on that one.

7) Go out of my way to speak to those who I normally don't speak to. I tend to be the girl that's, I hate to say it, click-ish. I have my group of friends everywhere that I go, and I like to stick with them. That's where I feel comfortable. I am by all means able to carry on a conversation with a stranger and am by no means scared of talking to new people or shy. I just like being with the people that I know. They know me. They've seen my at my best, they've seen my at my worst. But, I need to get out of my comfort zone. There are people who don't have any friends and I'm perfectly capable of becoming a friend to them. So, why not? If I walked in somewhere where there was absolutely no one that I considered my "friend", I would be lost. I would probably just go sit by myself, because I don't like interrupting anyone else's "click"...maybe for fear that they'll think I'm weird. If I think about myself in that friendless person's situation it makes a lot more sense to talk to them. It's a lot easier for a group of people in their "click" to reach out to that one lonely kid than it is for the one lonely kid to try to fit into the "click". And even if there's someone who doesn't seem lonely but that I just don't normally speak to, I want to try to at least say a "hello" and maybe a "that dress is so cute".

Really, I just need to be used by the Lord and be open to His guidance. I want to show the love of Christ in my life to everyone. Hopefully by sharing gifts I can be a blessing and show generosity because of the generosity God showed my in sending His Son. Hopefully by finishing reading through the gospels I will become more gospel-minded and focused on what Christ did for me and the difference it should make in my life. Hopefully by reading a book I can increase my level of knowledge and smarts and use that for the glory of God (maybe with a better SAT score), and, if it's a Christian book, be encouraged and be drawn closer to the Lord. Hopefully by getting on a more regular prayer schedule I can have a better relationship with my Creator and can be immersed into His will and guidance in my life and in His love for others, etc. Hopefully by running I can improve my physical health (and hopefully I won't just do it once) and get more in shape. Hopefully by memorizing a portion of the Word of God I can have it with me through my days and dwell/meditate on it as I go through different trials and temptations, and maybe even share it with others. Hopefully by going out of my way to speak to those to whom I normally wouldn't speak, I can show the unconditional love of Christ and bless someone.

May my life and yours bring honor and glory to our Savior.

And because there's hardly a good blog post without a picture, Harvey with his Uncle Jordan:

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