Thursday, June 28, 2012

may/june:done & july goals & picture recap.

Let's be honest. I'm the worst blogger in the history of bloggers. Except I really wouldn't even consider myself a blogger. I'm just a kid who likes to write about random things and this is the only way to do it. If I was a real blogger I'd take lots of pictures and post them and write blog posts every day and reply to comments and actually change the blog title from "Let the Aunthood Begin" to something much more relevant.

I would also write a post about my friends graduating. And then one wrapping up my 3 weeks in Memphis. And then one about my time in Apex at the GNOM Surge outreach. And then one about my week at Skyland Bible Conference. And then one about my birthday. But I won't.

Instead I'll tell you about accomplishing my May/June goals (I realize that June isn't quite over, but it's close enough). And also about my July goals.


1) Have all graduation and birthday presents for May and June bought and/or made and given away.

I did it. I bought so many presents but thankfully I kept my creativity up and (if I do say so myself) gave some pretty good presents. For example, Rachel saw the Broadway play Wicked for her birthday. So, I bought her the book off of which the play was based. I got Dane the Hunger Games soundtrack (we have a common love for the Hunger Games and it's fantastic) and also a trash can made out of trash (which I wanted to keep so badly).

2) Finish reading through the gospels.

Done. I finished a couple of days ago and didn't know what to do next. So, I just kept going. Which means that now I'm in Acts.

3) Read something.

I actually read two things. "Young Woman After God's Own Heart" by Elizabeth George and "Forgotten God" by Francis Chan. Both excellent books which I would suggest that you read...but the former only if you're a young woman, of course.

4) Get on a daily prayer schedule.

So glad I did this. I strongly encourage you to do this if you don't already have some sort of daily prayer life. It makes it so much easier to remember what to pray for and make sure I don't forget things. I love doing this after my devotions. It's so much better than having my prayer time in the car (which I used to do because my radio was broken so I had nothing else to do).

5) Run. Once.

Complete. And I only ran once. But at least I did it. Thanks, Bethany, for making me.

6) Memorize something.

Yessir. Matthew 5:1-16. The beatitudes and the whole "salt of the earth" and "light of the world" thing. If you see me sometime make me quote it to you, just to make sure that I don't forget it.

7) Go out of my way to speak to those who I normally don't speak to.

Eh. I'd say I did this a little bit, but I definitely could have done better. Unfortunately I completely forgot about this one until a week or two ago. But I still had time to improve and I'm not sure that I did as well as I could have. I'll have to keep working on this one.

Alright, moving on to July. This is pretty much just so that I'll make myself do these things, so no pressure to continue reading unless you're extremely bored. I'll make this shorter than last month's goal blog, for those of you who are extremely bored.

1) Finish 2 books.

2) Memorize something else. Bethany suggests Psalm 1.

3) Send 5 cards to people. Getting mail is one of my favorite things. A couple of times I have sent cards to people from church who are sick and what not. And they always seem so appreciative. It's an easy way to make someone's day a little brighter.

4) Do something to my poor room. I love my room. But there is literally over 100 pictures in my room. And I'm not even exaggerating. If you haven't been in my room let me tell you about it. When you walk in, straight across the room is (or was) a picture frame with about 15 pictures. Then if you look to the right there is a desk with 3 frames and a whole bunch of other junk on it. Then beside the bed is a dresser with 6 pictures. Then you look at the walls and there is a trail of pictures that makes a complete circle around my entire room. I love pictures, I really do (clearly). But it's a little overwhelming and I'm afraid that when people walk in my room they have a small panic attack inside. Something needs to change. Also, I need to print pictures and switch some of them out. They're getting old.

I feel like there's some other things that I should add to this list but right now I can't think of anything. They'll have to come later. For now I'll leave you with a bunch of pictures of the things that I mentioned at the beginning of this post that each deserve their own posts but will not get them.

Katelyn, Dane, Jesse. 3 of my favorite graduates. 

Esther, Katelyn, Granma, Beka. At the boys' graduation party.

Rachel and Dolly. Classic photobomb at the Surge outreach.

Rachel and the Wards. White water rafting in Tennessee.

Leah and DP. Bowling with the teens at Skyland.
The padres.

Intense games at teen devotions.

Jesse, Daniel, Sarah, Katelyn, Nick, Tyler, Michael. Playground time for my birthday at the park.

Jesse. Beach music in downtown Greensboro.
Taylor and Katelyn.

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  1. Send 5 cards to people. Getting mail is one of my favorite things. A couple of times I have sent cards to people from church who are sick and what not. And they always seem so appreciative. It's an easy way to make someone's day a little brighter.

    Put all of your "Blogs" In a book, it will make good reading. wm