Sunday, June 3, 2012

things you'll never hear a shelley say.

Today we were driving down the road when Josh said, "Oh there's a dumpy bike place. I should go there."

The other day we were playing a game and each person has to make up a category for it. After we finished playing someone mentioned that one of the categories should have been "things you'll never hear a Shelley say". Josh's statement reminded me of that. Who else picks where they should shop because it's dumpy?

So I decided to make a short list. If you don't know the Shelley family, you're about to. Here's a few things you'll never hear a Shelley say:

"Throw away the plastic cups...and anything disposable."

"That's too cheap."

"I think I might be sick so I'm going to the doctor."

"I don't feel very well so I think I'm going to skip church."

"I have the flu so I think I'm going to skip church."

"Let's stop singing."

"I don't want seconds."

"I hate college basketball."

"Don't drink out of my cup or eat off of my plate."

"Bummer, the basketball game is on during lunch...guess we can't watch it."

"I don't like hymns."

"I'm not going to ask you details about your love life because that's too personal."

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