Wednesday, August 1, 2012

goodbye july. hello august.

July has been a good month. Quick recap, since I'm too lame to write posts about these things:

Independence Day. 

Sedge Garden's Bible School. 

Dad's 55th birthday. 

Reunited with cousins. 

Cow Appreciation Day.

Sr. Teen Week at MTYC.

July to-do list results:

1) Finish 2 books. I regret to say this did not happen. But I did finish 1 book, The Help....such. a. good. book. I literally miss the characters in the book.

2) Memorize something. I definitely did this. Psalm 1. And also a lot more at camp. I think it was a total of 42 verses or something.

3) Send 5 cards to people. I did this. When I put that on the to-o list I intended these 5 cards to be to old people from church that are sick or something. That didn't happen. But I did send 5 letters to friends at camp. Actually more than 5. A lot more than 5. Plus a package. I'm going to go broke from buying all these stamps.

4) Do something to my room. I did. Cleaned off the horrendous desk. Traded a giant picture frame for a giant picture. Picked out pictures to have printed to put on the wall...just haven't gotten around to printing them yet. Also, thanks to my lovely friend Rachel Langston, I have a Justin Bieber poster which will be hung soon.

August to-do list:

1) Start school. I think by the time it comes I'll be ready for it. I'm not looking forward to it, but I like the routine and I like learning.

2) Start college applications. I'm a senior? What? Time flies when you're having fun.

3) Finish 2 books. We'll see if I can get it this time.

4) Re-memorize the verses from camp. There was 42 of them. Of course I'm going to forget them. I've probably already forgotten them.

5) Babysit some of my favorite babies...the triplets and Brayden!

6) Hang out with brain-tumor-free Sarah Bertrand.

7) Vacation Bible School.

8) Spend a week at the beach.

9) Sleep outside.