Monday, December 31, 2012

top 12 memories of 2012.

Some of the highlights of 2012, in no particular order.

one: Josh, Danielle, and Harvey moved back to America. They spent a lot of time here over the spring/summer, Danielle and Harvey have been back a couple times since then, and they all came for Christmas. I've loved seeing them a lot more often than I've seen them in the past six years.

 two: beach trips. First: Junior/Senior beach trip with youth group. As with most youth group functions, it was great. Second: the whole family. One of my favorite places with my favorite people...doesn't get much better. Third: Mom, Dad, Joe, and rides, popsicles on the pier, Britt's doughnuts, Hoover Ball, and good quality reading time. Can't wait for next year's beach trips.

three: Memphis. I spent three awesome weeks in Memphis with Josh, Danielle, Harvey, and Bethany after moving the new Memphians into their apartment.

four: Good News on the Move surge week in Apex. Really good week of evangelism and hanging out! Excellent friends, etc. Good things like that.

five: Skyland. Always a good time. New friends. The boys won the basketball game. Good speakers. Never lets me down.

six: Sr. Teen week at camp. One of my favorite years. Favorite part of the week: the video making fun of the counselors and staff.

seven: Olympics. I really hate that they only come every other year. But during those two weeks my life is consumed with them.

eight: Camp Hope. Definitely my favorite weekend of the year. Excellent speaker: Nathan Bramsen. Really good time learning and worshiping the Lord and making new friends. Definitely a life-changing weekend.

nine: Jordan and Ashley's new house. Good times helping them prepare and move in to their gorgeous house. White house with black dream house. We've already made good memories in that place!

ten: A really good Christmas. So good to have all of our immediate family home; Josh and Danielle haven't been here for the past 5 Christmases. And so good to have all 32 Shelleys home for the first time in a while. Spent lots of quality time with glad she could come for two visits this year.

eleven: Some really good movies. Saw two premiers: the Hunger Games and the Hobbit. Both premiers are so fun. And Les Miserables...oh my goodness. I can't even describe. Disclaimer: a few sketchy scenes. But it was definitely my favorite movie of the year. I've already seen it twice. I really loved it.

twelve: Many good times at UNC. Psalm 100 concerts were stellar, as always. Weekend visiting Joe was incredibly fun. I really love UNC. Here's to hoping for my first semester of college to come this fall and to be in Chapel Hill.


There are so many more good memories from 2012,  but I've gotta stop. Really thanking the Lord for the great year that He's given me. So blessed.

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