Sunday, January 27, 2013

the (not so) tasty breaking of Bread.

Today I had the delightful opportunity to visit the Reidsville Bible Chapel. While there we, naturally, had the Lord's Supper. Overall Reidsville is similar to Shannon Hills. More pants, less people, more kids...but for the most part everything is similar. I was enjoying the extra long Lord's Supper when the bread was passed around. Except it wasn't bread, it was an over-sized cracker.

So, as this cracker came to me I broke off a piece and put it in my mouth. I immediately thought to myself: this is the most disgusting thing I have ever tasted. If you go to Shannon Hills you know that our bread is far from delicious (no offense to the lovely ladies who buy it in large quantities and stock the freezer for an entire decade), but this cracker was just extraordinarily disgusting.

Nevertheless, I chewed it, and I swallowed it. And I realized that it was ok that it tasted gross.  In taking the cracker I was remembering Jesus' body being broken. When Jesus' body was broken, it didn't taste good to Him either. It was nasty. Disgusting. Horrible. But He did it anyway. And He swallowed it. I don't think He enjoyed it. I don't think it was the most exciting time of His life on earth. I think it was rather miserable for Him, especially when He knew the alternative was hanging out in Heaven with His Father.

But as nasty as it tasted to Him, it tastes sweet us. When we gather every week for the Lord's Supper it is a sweet time. We're joyful that He went through that suffering, not because we want to see Him suffer, but because He suffered for us.

In the same way, I think when we break that nasty cracker and swallow it in order to remember Christ, it is sweet to the Lord. No matter how long it has been in the freezer, it is still sweet to Him when we take time and bring our praise before Him.

I think that if Jesus had gone to the cross yelling and cursing and complaining, it wouldn't be so sweet to us. However, He did it with a good attitude. He didn't want to go to the cross, but He knew He had to, so He did it. And He didn't complain about it.

When we go through rough times with a good attitude it tastes sweet to the Lord. No matter how bad it tastes to us, it is good to Him. And it is always worth it. God thought we were worth His Son's death. God's glory is definitely worth our hard times.

Am I concerned about how my life tastes to me or how it tastes to God? Do I want a comfortable life so that I can be happy or am I willing to do the uncomfortable in order to glorify God? Because boy did Jesus do the uncomfortable for me.